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MentorBox is the new way of learning. If you're like most of our members you believe in expanding your knowledge and leveling up your skillsets, but you just don't have the time to read the books that you know will get you there. We engineered a new, fun and engaging way to learn directly from the highest level authors and thinkers...

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    Nature vs. Nurture: Where Do You Stand? (Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel)


    “The one most important thing to do is to not try to find the one most important thing to do.” - Jared Diamond(click to tweet)We’re raised around the people most genetically similar to us. This makes it very difficult to isolate how much of our identity comes from DNA and how much is driven by our environment. To complicate things even further, the field of epigenetics has shown that gene expression can be altered by the environment around us. That’s why on today’s episode of MentorBox’s Book of the Day series, we are joined by the American geographer, historian, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond, to discuss the nature vs. nurture debate. Jared is the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel (1997, awarded a Pulitzer Prize), and in today’s episode he sheds light on this elusive human phenomenon. Tune in to situate your understanding of the nature vs. nurture debate with the findings of research!“In general, friends that you know longer are more unique. They can’t be replaced.” - Jared Diamond(click to tweet)Points to Keep In MindIn the nature-nurture debate, look at resistance to malaria between Swedes and West Africans, and use of metal tools between Europeans and New GuineansTemperate zones have higher agricultural productivity because of richer soilCosta Rica has gone from the poorest country in Central America to now, the richestThe Cuban government has invested more heavily in education and health than the American governmentWithin the last two decades, most communication has shifted from face-to-face to indirect and through digital screensRemember that new friends are good, but old friends are better“The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.” - Albert EinsteinRead Walden by Henry David ThoreauThe difference between function and dysfunction is level of specificity See for privacy information.
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    106: Originality vs. Imitation: Where Do You Stand?


    Is there such a thing as originality? When we examine creativity, we can see that constructs like language and education have us undoubtedly building off a foundation that’s already been thought of before. This is the predicament the artist finds himself or herself in. To be truly unique is both impossible and very possible. We must understand what base we’re building on top of, while trying to transcend the limits of that foundation with energy that comes from an unknown place. See for privacy information.
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    105: Stephan Spencer, Perfecting The Art of SEO


    Succeeding online requires more than great content. We can spend all the time in the world perfecting the marketing video or blog post, but if search engines aren’t motivated to drive traffic there, it is a futile effort. Today, no matter the business, publishing content online is necessary for survival. But embedding SEO-rich keywords into the content is what will push you past survival into actual success. See for privacy information.
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    104: Beth Comstock, Imagine It Forward


    A career is a series of lessons to learn from. But often times, it’s hard to see this big picture. At each job, we are met with new challenges that keep us up at night. The anxiety and frustration can be overwhelming, but these momentary obstacles are actually the moments that deepen our learning and understanding to become a bigger force in the marketplace. See for privacy information.
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    103: Lee Richter, What You Can Learn From The Pet Industry


    The pet industry speaks for the changing times. It used to be that if you built a big enough business, you could just mass message consumers, and those seeking your product would become your customers. But today, a corgi owner only wants to know about corgi products. Technology has broken the messaging infrastructure, and now social media allows for niche brands to more pointedly target their audience. See for privacy information.
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    102: How To Shoot Movies With Your iPhone


    We check email, message our friends, and scroll through social media. This is the story of us using our smartphones. But the camera inside a smartphone offers something far greater than what we’re using it for. We can actually shoot professional quality visual content (photo and video) with just a few taps on our smartphone’s screen. See for privacy information.
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    101: Do The Right Thing: Why It’s Easier Than You Think


    Doing the right thing sounds too simple. In the pursuit of self-help and self-development, we often find ourselves in the rabbit holes of complex, over analytical thinkers. But what if the best way to move through life was as simple as locking into as reductive as of a mantra as, “Do the right thing.” See for privacy information.
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    100: Lucas Conley, Why Your Brand Must Have A Social Conscience


    McDonald’s can ask Wendy’s, “What do you think about Trump?” And then suddenly, Wendy’s has to voice its stance on the sociopolitical climate. It never used to be this way; corporations would hide behind the mechanics of the marketing and advertising machine. But today, a company must voice its authentic message to the market through the megaphones on social media. See for privacy information.
  • MentorBox Podcast podcast

    99: Overcoming Paralysis By Analysis


    When we don’t pursue our goals, our minds spiral. The energy and ambition that wants to push us to a greater future gets displaced to areas it doesn’t belong. We begin overthinking our situation, second-guessing our relationships, and crafting stories about why we’re not doing the things we want to be doing. See for privacy information.
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    98: Law of Attraction, Why Your Success Depends On Your Mindset


    They say that the world is a confusing place. Is that true? Or are we just letting external stimulus dictate our perception of it? When we mindfully choose to perceive the events around us in a more positive and thoughtful light, our reality becomes simplified. See for privacy information.

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