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Mayo Clinic Clear Approach

Greg Vanichkachorn MD, MPH

The podcast for aerospace medicine that matters.

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  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    The DUI/DWI Talk and The Flying Dangers of Viagra


    In this episode, I review the dangerous side effects of Viagra and similar medications.  Then, I give some important advice on what to do if you have an unfortunate lapse in judgment and get pulled over for driving after drinking.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    Kava Kava: The Other Piper


    In this episode, we introduce the “medication moment” segment by tackling Kava Kava. Someone way more eloquent than me tells you how not to self destruct your medical certification process.  And I share a story about hot starts and hazardous attitudes.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

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  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    Down with Delta


    Today, we go over the basic facts that pilots should know about the COVID-19 delta variant.  And I make the most of being grounded.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    Under Pressure: Glaucoma


    Yes, I am alive! Welcome to the reboot of the podcast.  I have been completely crushed with patient care and post COVID work, and I haven’t had much time to sleep let alone record another episode. But alas, thanks to labor laws, I have some more time now, and we are back! In today’s episode, … Continue reading Under Pressure: Glaucoma →
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    Achoo! Allergy Season Tips for Pilots and a Brief Introduction to HIMS


    In this episode I go over what pilots need to know about treating allergies safely.  Also, I do a brief overview of my new job in the Human Intervention Motivation Study with the FAA. To help, here are some key links to support your learning: Allergy Medicine Guidelines by the FAA The HIMS Program
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    New Guidance From the FAA If You Have Had COVID-19


    In this update, we go over some of the newest information for pilots that have had a COVID-19 infection.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    A Discussion with the Federal Air Surgeon & OSA


    In today’s episode, we go over some of the newest information about a topic that hopefully won’t put you to sleep: obstructive sleep apnea.  And then we chat with Dr. Susan Northrup, the Federal Air Surgeon for the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    Kidney Stones, Bends in an Airplane, & Commercial Space Flight!


    For this episode we cover the entire atmosphere, and then some! I go over kidney stones and what it means for flying and the FAA. And then we talk to commercial space flight specialist Dr. Michael Harrison about the next frontier and his research about an underappreciated danger in general aviation.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    Ouch! The COVID Vaccine


    On this episode, I talk about the fun of getting the COVID vaccine, we discuss needle phobia, and finally Dr. Emily Stratton takes us up high to review high altitude medical conditions and treatment.
  • Mayo Clinic Clear Approach podcast

    What the Phoria?!


    Today, we talk about diapers, the COVID ATC shutdown, and for real phorias.

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