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Even men at the top of their game find themselves wanting more from life. Whether it's more meaning, a bigger impact, unshakable confidence, a hotter sex life, more money, deeper love, solid friendships or a powerful legacy… What is true success? How can a man actually reach the end of his life and look back without regret -- having lived and loved fully, rather than having been stuck in fear or a life he was "supposed to" lead? Man Alive is a series of bold, raw and gritty conversations with experts on success, power, sex, love and legacy for men who...are clear they want amazing lives?! For the past 15 years Shana James, a dating and relationship expert, has worked with thousands of men and women around the world and collaborated with hundreds of teachers and coaches. She has led workshops for dating companies like Table for Six and and been matchmaker for an MTV reality show. Shana doesn't buy into the need for rules, games or limitations. She works with men individually to find their unique power, confidence and leadership abilities, breaking open the boxes that keep them stuck, dissatisfied, or settling for less than amazing in any area of life.

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    #203: Use Conflict to Create Thriving Relationships


    Many people avoid conflict and try to keep the peace. This, however, keeps things shallow and erodes trust. When you know how to handle conflict well, it becomes less scary and relationships deepen and thrive. Jayson Gaddis, author of Getting to Zero, shows us how. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #47: How to Be a Sexually Integrated Man: Replay


    In this replay, Jim Benson lays out his four archetypes of a Sexually Integrated Man. Learn how to express these archetypes authentically so you don't lose power and pleasure, which happens when these archetypes become distorted.  
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  • Man Alive podcast

    #202: Harness the Power of a Type A Personality


    Being driven can feel like a blessing and a curse. Accomplishments are many, relationships are challenging… Dr. Doug Brackmann reveals how to thrive as a Type A personality. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #201: Freedom From Your Inner Critic


    The inner critic can take you off your game in business and out of intimacy in relationships. Today's guest has a PhD in management and helps leaders solve seemingly unsolvable problems. Interestingly, his work has led him to specialize in helping people find freedom from their inner critic, while simultaneously awakening to a deeper consciousness!
  • Man Alive podcast

    #200: A Decade of Relationship Lessons


    Episode 200 is an exploration of a decade of lessons I’ve gleaned from getting divorced and starting new relationships. I invited my friend Neil Sattin, host of the Relationship Alive podcast, on to chat about his relationship lessons as well. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    How to Make Consent Sexy - Relaunch


    I have found that consent conversations not only create a foundation of respect and deeper intimacy, but allow for more and lasting passion.
  • Man Alive podcast

    #199: Stop Criticism From Killing Your Relationship


    Criticism is one of the biggest relationship killers. When one or both people in a couple are critical, intimacy is bound to fade. Today's guest shows you how to turn criticism into connected communication and to revive intimacy when it has faded. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #198: Live Every Minute Before It's Too Late


    Recovering from a near-death experience brings wisdom to those of us living comfortably. It helps us remember what is possible and what really matters. Today's guest, Billy Creutz, talks about how to live every minute to the fullest, since you never know how long you have.
  • Man Alive podcast

    #197: The Full Range of Man


    There is a wide spectrum of qualities that humans can express. When a man shies away from characteristics that are typically labeled feminine, he often suffers. Today's guest straddles the masculine/feminine divide to express the full range of man. He is happier and more powerful as a result. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    How to be a Powerful Leader in This Unsettling Time


    This is a pivotal moment of truth for us and our planet. How can you be a more powerful leader, especially in such a difficult time? Today's guest, Terry Patten, a highly acclaimed teacher and author of A New Republic of the Heart, is here to help you use this moment of extreme urgency to evoke your highest character and values.

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