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  • Inkstuds podcast

    Aisha Franz


    German cartoonist, Aisha Franz joined me to talk about her latest comics work, Shit is Real, out from Drawn and Quarterly. She is also one of the people behind the fantastic Clubhouse anthology, beautifully printed by Colorama. The latest issue, … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Eric Kostiuk Williams


    A very delayed inkstuds. Apologies to everyone! here is an interview with the Great Eric Kostiuk Williams. His latest work is Our Wretched Town Hall from Retrofit. I love love love Eric’s work. It’s political, funny and beautifully drawn. He … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

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  • Inkstuds podcast



    Sometimes life is hard and you try to find things that get you through. Energy drinks seem to be that thing for me. I love comics. Dearly. But they are hard. It’s hard to keep up and understand what’s going … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Liam Sharp


    I was able to meet up in person with Liam Sharp while he is Vancouver for a local comics show. I have always been really into his work and fascinated by his approach. He’s currently the artist on Green Lantern … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Karl Stevens


    Karl Stevens joined me to talk about his painting and comics work. His latest book, The Winner from Retrofit/Big Planet, is a great move forward in his work and shows some amazing growth and introspection. I am really excited by … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Joe Kessler


    Breakdown Press Co-Founder, Designer and Cartoonist, Joe Kessler joined me to talk about his new collection, Windowpane and shine a light on a bit of the history of Breakdown Press. Breakdown is one of the most interesting publishers in the … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Steve Skroce


    Vancouver cartoonist, Steve Skroce joined me to talk about his latest book, Maestros. This is Steve’s first book written for himself, having previously worked with a wide range of writers like Alan Moore on Youngblood, Brian K Vaughn on We … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    David Small


    David Small joined me to talk about his latest book, Home After Dark. While his previous work, Stitches was a memoir, his latest is a work of fiction that still captures a similar feeling and emotion. I really liked the … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Festival Focus: Comic Arts Los Angeles


    Here’s another in a run of interviews with dedicated folks who put together independent comics shows in North America. Los Angeles’ CALA is about to hold their fifth annual event, and guest ‘stud Kit Brash talked to two of the … Continue reading →
  • Inkstuds podcast

    Live talk with Anna Haifisch, Marian Churchland and Olivier Schrauwen


    Last year I joined the board of Directors for the Vancouver Comic Art Festival. It’s been really fun getting more involved in supporting local events and comics happening. The first event we did outside of the regular festival, was this … Continue reading →

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