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When the Players Take Over with Eric Ausley

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Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for role-playing games and the periphery.

Thanks for being here.

Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining just here for Season 7 of Gaming with Gage. It’s been a year long hiatus and I am so excited to jump back into the mix. But before we do, I want to take a moment to remind all of you that when this episode ends, the conversation will continue in our Discord server.

This week I have the honor and privilege to welcome back to the show Eric Ausley. Eric is a host of Gamerstable, GM of the Audioverse award winning Actual Play Resting Glitch Face, Producer of many a live stream and, most importantly, the first guest we ever had on Gaming with Gage.

This week’s topic is When the Player’s Takeover!

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