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James D'Amato Returns

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Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for Roleplaying Games and the Periphery.

Thanks for being here

And thank you to everyone who tuned in to Extracurricular Activities last Thursday. I have so much fun running that game and I was very excited to introduce Char to the cast. For the uninitiated, ExA is an East Texas University live stream that is produced by Gamerstable. You can catch the VOD and future episodes at

For those of you who were listening last season you may have caught that we did a Rebroadcast of our initial chat with James D’Amato. Well that got me thinking and I reached out to James to see if he wanted to come back on the show! We had such a good time catching up on all the crazy things that’ve happened over at One Shot. We specifically spent a lot of time talking about the changes to Skyjacks, the new setting for Campaign. One of my favorite things about doing this show is inviting creative people on to talk about what they're passionate about and James never disappoints.

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And with all that out of the way, let’s jump into our chat with James D’Amato,

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