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Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for Roleplaying Games and the Periphery.

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And thank you to everyone who made it out for Big20 last night. It’s always a pleasure doing that show and Dan and Pete were impeccable co-hosts. If you’re listening to this episode the week it comes out, you can catch me back on Gamerstable’s Twitch channel this Thursday at 9PM Eastern.

Since we are approaching the end of Season Five, only one episode left, it is that wonderful time for you to send me your feedback. A new season means we can try new formats, bring back old classics and you can be the deciding vote. You catch up with us on our discord or email me at [email protected]

This week our guest is Charlotte Irrgang, of Irrgardless. Char does layout, editing and design for RPGs as well as appearing on Twitch, Discord and that one time where I may have murdered her character. I mean, it happens. Char is also a fellow 2019 SWAG award winner and currently working on Heroes of Terra, a wonderful setting for the Savage Worlds system.

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And with all that out of the way, let’s jump into our chat with Char Irrgang,

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