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Today I am so excited to be joined by the mother of small businesses, Holly Tucker MBE. She’s the creative mastermind behind one of my favourite online marketplaces, Not On The High Street and is now the founder of Holly & Co, a small business advice and inspiration platform. Holly is just about to release a brand new business book called Do What You Love, Love What You Do packed full of tips and skills any founder needs to help their business thrive.

In this episode, we recount Holly’s journey into the business world and discuss what an incredible rollercoaster she’s been on since. We talk about what inspired her to start Not On The High Street, her top tips for starting a business (my favourite being that you have to be the ‘Duracell battery’ of the company) and why running a small business can be the key to happiness.

Holly undoubtedly brings colour to business and has brightened up a lot of small businesses during the pandemic. So whether you might be about to start a company or you’re finding yourself in a business rut, I truly recommend you read her new business bible. It really is a book like no other.


Life and Soul is hosted by Emma Forbes, produced by Georgie Rutherford and edited by Steve Campen.

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Find out more about her book, Do What You Love, Love What You Do: https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/111/1119976/do-what-you-love--love-what-you-do/9780753558027.html


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