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Today I’m thrilled to be joined by Alexandra Shulman. She is, of course, the longest serving Editor of British Vogue, one of the country’s most quoted voices on fashion trends, author of two novels and a columnist for the Mail on Sunday. During the first lockdown, she also published her new book, Clothes and Other Things that Matter that blends memoir with fashion history.

For more than 25 years clothes had been an integral part of her professional life. However, she explains that being surrounded by all those clothes made them the stuff of work and not personal pleasure. It was only when she eventually went digging through her cupboards that she thought about what those clothes had meant to her and how specific pieces were emblematic of a time in her life.

In this episode, we discuss everything from her lockdown cosmetics obsession to how she’s bored of her bubble and longing to get dressed up again. We also discuss how she sees the fashion world changing, how smaller brands will become more ethical and what might happen to the way we shop.

This conversation really encouraged me to take a proper look at my wardrobe, there are so many pieces that evoke certain memories and so many I can't bear to get rid of! Well.. maybe my Covid closet will have to go!


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