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SupplyCompass Co-Founder Flora Davidson on How to Create More Sustainable Fashion Supply Chains

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Flora Davidson is the co-founder and head of product at SupplyCompass, an online platform that helps fashion brands and manufacturers work better together to sustainably source, design and deliver clothing collections.
In the future, Flora would like for people to not have to mention the word sustainable ever again because it has become the norm in the fashion industry. To help make this world a reality, SupplyCompass is using technology to streamline old ways of working and reduce unnecessary waste in areas like clothing samples. Its platform also helps brands consider their impact on people and the planet through the sourcing, supply chains, and production of clothing. 
The goal is to create a new way of working throughout the entire supply chain in fashion, with sustainability at the heart of it all.
In this episode, you’ll learn what it’s like to found a start-up on the ground in Mumbai, India, the digitization journey many fashion brands have been on to design out waste and the new materials and innovations that have Flora excited about the future of this industry.  

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