Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

Carnivore… and Beyond

Phil Escott

Exploring the world of free thinkers who have adopted a less conventional approach to spirituality, diet and lifestyle. Interviews with spiritually-aware people who have improved their physical and mental health, happiness and life experience by adopting an ancestral diet. Presented by Phil Escott |

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  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 10: Jason Klepko


    I am a restless soul with a penchant for adventure. Ever-curious for new experiences, I’ve worked many jobs, from carpentry and construction, to driving trucks and even crewing on commercial boats. My most satisfying jobs were as an Alaskan fishing guide and as a guide in the Florida Keys. One of my most rewarding jobs […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 09: Imogen Webber


    Imogen is a spiritual mentor, shaktipat giver and writer. She focuses on integrating, accepting and embracing all aspects of the human experience, bringing the lofty ideals and concepts of ‘spiritual attainment’ back down to a grounded experience of Self. Imogen was raised as a TM meditator with the understanding that ‘everything is consciousness’. Even though […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

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  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 08: Tim Shieff


    Tim Shieff describes himself thus… “professional freerunner to professional vegan when I had my ‘awakening’ then became a truth and a health seeker, which eventually led me away from veganism with a ‘second awakening’.” Tim Shieff won the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championship and participated on the television programme MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, he […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 07: Tristan Haggard


    Tristan Haggard is a life long independent researcher, with a unique focus on the intersection of diet, culture, and global politics. He is a prominent voice in Ketogenic and Carnivore diet communities and brings people into greater realms of health and wellness across the world. As the founder of Primal Edge Health, he cuts through […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 06: Dr. Jeremy Ayres


    Dr. Jeremy represented Great Britain in marathon and sprint canoeing as a junior, and was national champion on several occasions. Internationally, he achieved second in Europe in marathon racing before retiring at 22 from a back injury. This is the beginning of his blessing in dis-guise beliefs, as his injury led him to Osteopathic treatment, […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 05: Holley Reeves


    From her health issues as a child and adolescent through to reinventing herself as a healer after a near death experience, Holley gives a fascinating account of her life and work. Subjects covered include her journey from vegan to raw carnivore, iodine protocols, kundalini awakening, the importance of emotional and spiritual balance and her work […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 04: Bobby Risto


    Bobby Risto is a bodybuilder, world traveller, psychedelic adventurer, ex-vegan turned carnivore YouTuber with an extraordinary story to tell. Here are his own words… I’m in my early 20s living in Germany, partying my ass of abusing/selling drugs and seeing multiple girls in the rave scene, living a “material lifestyle”. I hate that description because […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 03: Brett Lloyd


    Brett Lloyd is a musician who has overcome many health and weight issues and recovered from years of severe depression. We go deep here, and it’s a wonderful, passionate, heartfelt glimpse into Brett’s fascinating life story. Brett tells us of the importance of his faith, his family, relationships and ultimately his discovery of carnivory in […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 02: Zahir Khan


    “sometimes it’s not about being nice, it’s about destroying a few myths” Contemporary Sufi speaker and teacher, Zahir Khan has a frank (and sometimes hilarious) conversation with Phil Escott about his journey to self-realisation. Questioning definitions along the way, he shares his opinions on the origin of Western ideas of Vegetarianism in spirituality, established teachers, […]
  • Carnivore… and Beyond podcast

    Episode 01: Rebecca Novick


    From the Stonehenge Free Festival to a life in Rural France, via California, Jerry Garcia, Ram Dass, Robert Anton Wilson and Terrance McKenna. Published author of Fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism and co-author of books Mavericks of the Mind and Voices From the Edge, Rebecca Novick has interviewed change agents such as Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Jaron […]

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