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  • Bro History podcast

    Kazakhstan Riots


    Bro History Kazakhstan Riots On todays episode, we discuss the origins of violent riots in Kazakhstan and if it was a Colour revolution. Support on Patreon: #224 Kazakhstan Riots szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    China-Russia Cooperation


    Bro History China-Russia Cooperation On todays episode, we discuss the relationship between China & Russia and if they are building an alliance to counter the West. Support on Patreon: #223 China-Russia Cooperation szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

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  • Bro History podcast

    Kosovo War


    Bro History Kosovo War On todays episode, we discuss NATO’s intervention in the Kosovo War in 1999. Support on Patreon: #222 Kosovo War szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Russia and Ukraine


    Bro History Russia and Ukraine On today’s Episode, we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the breakup of the Soviet Union. Also, we review the current situation unfolding in the Donbass region of Ukraine, and debate whether Russia intends to invade or annex the region. Support on Patreon: #221 Russia and Ukraine szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Bosnian War


    Bro History Bosnian War On todays episode, we discuss the origins of the Bosnian War. Support on Patreon: #220 Bosnian War szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Rise & Fall of Yugoslavia


    Bro History Rise & Fall of Yugoslavia On todays episode, we give a high level overview of the rise and fall of  Yugoslavia. We also talk about the current political crises in Bosnia and Herzegovina This is the YouTube video Henry was talking about – Support on Patreon: #219 Rise & Fall of Yugoslavia szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Britney & Belarus


    Bro History Britney & Belarus What does Britney Spears and Belarus have in common? Absolutely nothing, but we talk about both anyway. On today’s episode we talk about the latest update on the #freebritney movement and the growing migrant crises on the Belarus–Poland border. Support on Patreon: #218     Britney & Belarus szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe


    Bro History Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe On today’s episode, we discuss how inflation in Zimbabwe reached an annualized rate of 89.7 sextillion (or 89,700,000,000,000,000,000,000) percent. Support on Patreon: #217 Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Hypersonic Missiles


    Bro History Hypersonic Missiles China recently completed a successful test of a hypersonic missile, and the media has been comparing its accomplishment to when the Soviet Union beat the US to space by launching Sputnik. Today we breakdown what a hypersonic missile is, how it works, and whether it lives up to the hype. We also compare the current […] Hypersonic Missiles szamotah
  • Bro History podcast

    Taiwan & the Falklands War


    Bro History Taiwan & the Falklands War Joseph Solis-Mullen joins us today to compare a potential war with China over Taiwan with the Falklands War. Joseph Solis-Mullen is a political scientist with expertise in China. Support on Patreon: #215 Taiwan & the Falklands War szamotah

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