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The Bloody Vegans Podcast

The Bloody Vegans Podcast

The Bloody Vegans Podcast aims to explore the personal stories of a whole range of folks from across the Vegan community. Whether you are vegan curious or a veteran vegan hearing the fascinating stories of Bloody Vegans from around the world is a must.

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  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Veganuary stories with blogger Kate White


    Kate White credits her switch to veganism in January 2021 as a pivotal period in altering the course of her life for the positive. She also credits Veganuary with providing her with the support and resources to help her make those first few critical steps in to at first plant based nutrition and then into more of the ethical aspects of veganism. You can here Kate's story in this episode of The Bloody Vegans Podcast.  You can find out more about Kate at the link here  You can find out more about Veganuary here You can find out more about The Bloody Vegans Podcast here
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Veganuary stories with Little Dogs Rehoming Founder, Christina Mather


    Christina Mather is the founder of Southport based family run non profit dog rehoming sanctuary Little Legs Dogs Rehoming. Christina is a passionate ethical vegan who credits Veganuary for providing her with support in her shift to veganism in the forms of accountability, a community and practical advise. In this episodes Christina shares her vegan journey, her advice for those new to veganism or thinking of trying Veganuary and she also shares the story of how she founded Little Legs Dogs Rehoming.  You can find out more about Little Legs Dogs Rehoming here  You can find out more about Veganuary here You can find out more about The Bloody Vegans Podcast here
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

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  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Live at Reading Vegan Festival 2021, Dora Hargitai on Climate Breakdown


    In this week's episode of The Bloody Vegans Podcast we take a look back at September's Reading Vegan Festival & listen to a talk given by Dora Hargitai, a rebel working with organisations such as Animal Rebellion & Extinction Rebellion. In light of the undoubtable impact & resonance of the new film 'Don't Look Up', bringing this talk to you seemed worthwhile. In this talk Dora discusses climate breakdown and the actions we can take by working collectively. Dora Hargitai is an activist, leader & orator who is working tirelessly with Animal Rebellion in the name of challenging the very foundations upon which our current system is built. Dora's work aims to bring people together to open dialogue, organise & ideate all in the name of securing the very existence of all of Earth's many & varied inhabitants as we stare down the greatest existential emergency in human history. In this episode we discover her work & all of our responsibility. You can join the rebellion via this link. Discover & support The Bloody Vegans Podcast here This is a Bloody Vegans Production.
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Live at Reading Vegan Festival 2021, Tim Thorpe - The Vegan Society


    In this week's episode of The Bloody Vegans Podcast we take a look back at September's Reading Vegan Festival & listen to a talk given by Tim Thorpe, The Vegan Society's Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer. In this talk Tim discusses The Vegan Society's recently launched landmark report: Planting Value in the Food System in conjunction with the Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies at The University of Sunderland & former guest on the podcast, Dr. Alex Lockwood.  You can download & read the full report at You can find out more about The Bloody Vegans Podcast & support the show through a variety of ways found here: Discover & support The Bloody Vegans Podcast here This is a Bloody Vegans Production.
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    The Vegan Chef School with founder, Chef Day Radley


    Chef Day Radley is the founder of THE VEGAN CHEF SCHOOL, created to provide the vegan movement with progressive learning and innovation.  As a newbie vegan chef, in 2010, Chef Day Radley expected to dive into a world where her fellow chefs adored their work; creating dishes with love, pushing back the boundaries of cruelty free food.....sadly this wan't to be the case. It was 2010 and Chef Radley was working in her first pro-chef job. The kitchen was a maelstrom of grumpy, tetchy chefs, barking at each other whilst churning out food with as much care as a factory robot. Any love for food resided solely with her. The rest of the ‘team’ were not vegan or vegetarian and couldn’t care less about cross contamination. They were grown boys stuck in a career that was the best of a limited choice given them at age 16; work as a mechanic, builder or chef.  For many, becoming a chef seemed like the easy choice. The long unsociable hours, minimum wage and sweaty, greasy conditions soon makes it clear that it is far from easy. This is a persistent problem in UK kitchens and one that adds to our terrible reputation for a severe lack of culinary finesse. When you pair that with the vegan movement the consequences could be even more severe; it has the potential to limit the growth of veganism.  You can find out more about Chef Day Radley & The Vegan Chef School at this link. Discover & support The Bloody Vegans Podcast here This is a Bloody Vegans Production.
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    The Way of the Rabbit author, Mark Hawthorne


    Mark Hawthorne has fostered numerous house rabbits, including seven he adopted. He has rescued abandoned rabbits, volunteered with rabbit rescue groups, and educated people about rabbits through his published writing and public outreach. In addition to The Way of the Rabbit, he is the author of A Vegan Ethic: Embracing a Life of Compassion Toward All, Bleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering, and Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism (all from Changemakers Books). His writing has been featured in Vegan’s Daily Companion (Quarry Books) and in the anthologies, Stories to Live By: Wisdom to Help You Make the Most of Every Day and The Best Travel Writing 2005: True Stories from Around the World (both from Travellers’ Tales). You can pick up a copy of the outstanding 'The Way of the Rabbit' at this link. Discover & support The Bloody Vegans Podcast here This is a Bloody Vegans Production. 
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Former Pro Boxer & Musician, Jamal Le Doux


    Jamal Le Doux is a former pro boxer & musician who after turning vegan just a few short years ago hasn't taken a backward step when it comes to incorporating his ethics in to his work.  Jamal has also recently been featured in The Vegan Society's 'Vegan & Thriving' campaign which put a spotlight on a whole host of vegan athletes thriving in their fields.  You can read the feature at this link You can find out more about Jamal & hear his music at the links below:   Facebook: /ledouumusic  Twitter: @ledouu  Instagram: @ledouu  Tiktok: @ledouu  Youtube: /ledouu Discover & support The Bloody Vegans Podcast here
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Dana Burton, founder of Vegan Kids UK


    Dana Burton is the founder of Vegan Kids UK... As Dana explains over on  "When we asked people why they wanted a community like ours – these quotes were their answers. I knew I wasn’t alone!  As a Vegan parent, I felt my kids were somehow missing out on things and it just wasn’t fair.  I wanted them to feel empowered and to know they are part of something much bigger and then the idea for the Vegan Kids festival began.  After a farmer and villagers put a stop to our first year, it really sent me back to the drawing board. I still wanted to create this community but finding willing farmers and suitable venues was a nightmare. AND well then COVID hit. so that really put a stop to all our plans.  I put the idea on the back burner, and focused on other things. but soon my calling was getting louder in my ear and I started offering online kids sessions every Saturday.  I realised the Kids festival doesn’t need to be the only thing we do to connect Vegan kids. There are lots of ways we can.  So I went back to the drawing board and started the Kids community on Facebook, then I got one of my favourite things a notepad and started jotting down ideas.  They just kept coming.  I want to create a group where Vegan Kids can explore, share, create, learn, make friends and most importantly have fun.  I’m well aware I can’t do this all alone and hope to form many partnerships, to enable us to help other vegan organisations and businesses.  As for the future, this is something I want to focus on, longer term the BIG dream is to have a Vegan kids retreat, where kids can come to learn and play, enough land to hold our own vegan kids festival, rescue any animals that need it and a cool eco village where people can stay, volunteer and play.  Until we get there, we want to create lots of experiences for vegan kids, both online and in person, We’re only limited by our imagination.  Some of the ideas I have for the future include, retreats, family holidays, group outings, conservation holidays, residentials for kids, activist club.  Thank you for reading a bit more about vegan kids and our plans for the future, I hope to see you at some point on the journey!" Dana
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    Love over Fear author, Monk Coleman


    Monk Coleman is the author of Love over Fear – A Guide to Peace and Purpose. A guide to letting go of belief systems and connecting to a higher state of being. Monk is a graduate of the University of Holistic Theology. He is a Transformational Coach, Public Speaker, Personal Trainer and a 3x Pro Natural Physique Bodybuilder.  His coaching services can be found on social media platforms (twitter, Instagram, facebook, youtube). He based his coaching program on his own experience with dealing and healing from alcoholism, poverty, depression and dysfunctional relationships. Monk has taken his years of experience and created a life of service with love at the forefront. You can find out more about Monk and pick up a copy of the incredible 'Love over Fear' at You can support The Bloody Vegans Podcast on Patreon If you would like support in creating your own podcast contact Bloody Vegans Productions via email: [email protected]
  • The Bloody Vegans Podcast podcast

    'They're Trying to Kill Us" with Co-Directors John Lewis (AKA Badass Vegan) & Keegan Kuhn (Director of Cowspiracy, What The Health, Running for Good)


    A groundbreaking new documentary, They’re Trying to Kill Us, features notable leaders and influencers from the fields of Hip Hop, medicine, sports, entertainment, policy, and politics weighing in on the singular most deadly threat to American society. ABOUT THE FILM Co-directors John Lewis and Keegan Kuhn have teamed up to tell the untold story of the intersections of diet, disease, poverty, institutional racism, food deserts, government corruption and collusion with Big Food and the pharmaceutical industry. The film follows John from his upbringing in Ferguson, Missouri as he crisscrosses the country seeking answers from experts as to why Americans of Color are getting sick and dying from chronic diseases at often twice the rate of white Americans. Along the way he speaks with Hip Hop artists and celebrities of Color who share their own, deeply personal experiences with how the historically poor diets that have been inflicted upon their community have led to a staggeringly high rate of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. CAST The film was co-directed by Keegan Kuhn (What The Health, Cowspiracy) and John Lewis (aka “Badass Vegan”) and features interviews with Hip Hop artists, celebrities and medical professionals such as Ne-Yo, Mya, Dame Dash, Cedric The Entertainer, Maggie Q, New York City Mayoral candidate Eric Adams, and Dr’s Milton Mills and Neal Barnard. They’re Trying to Kill Us also features exclusive interviews with NBA All-Star Chris Paul and multiple Grammy Award Winner Billie Eilish, who are both Executive Producers on the film. RELEASE DETAILS Eschewing a conventional release plan, They're Trying to Kill Us will be released at 11am EST on November 11 exclusively on the film's website The price to download the film is $20. Seeking a more efficient and equitable way to release the movie, the filmmakers are launching what they are calling a “Cooperative Release” of the film, giving participants in the documentary, supporters, and select influencers their own unique URL to the film's purchase page and splitting the profits 50/50 for the first week of release. On the filmmakers' side, they are giving their first $1,000,000 dollars raised directly to charity. ABOUT THE PRODUCERS JOHN LEWIS: Widely known by his social media handle, “Badass Vegan”, John Lewis is notorious for stoking conversations and debate with his critical views and memes on current issues. John has a large social media following and is a much sought-after public speaker and social and health activist who is accustomed to saying what’s on his mind. In doing so, audiences have responded to his fresh and unfiltered take on social issues. KEEGAN KUHN: Co-director Keegan Kuhn is best known as the director behind the camera for the award-winning and hugely influential films on Netflix, Cowspiracy (executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio) and What The Health (executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix).

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