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Welcome to The Big Data Beard podcast, where we explore the trends, technology, and talented people making Big Data a big deal.

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    The Splunk Trust & Splunk Community with Ryan Plas - #VR2C


    It’s here!! Day 10 of 10 of our Virtual Race to .conf20 #VR2C! Today we chat about the Splunk Trust with Ryan Plas, Splunk Trust MVP. Ryan shares what it takes to earn one of the mythical Fez’s, and how to become a member of the Splunk Trust. He also shares some of his favorite tools and ways to engage with other Splunk users & partners. Love the Splunk community? Give this episode a listen. Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Splunk at Intel with Jac Noel & Merritte Stidston - #VR2C


    We are on day 9 of 10 of the Virtual Race to .conf20, #VR2C! We sat down with Jac Noel – Security Solutions Architect in Intel IT Information Security, & Merritte Stidston – Technical Solution Specialist in Intel’s data platforms sales group. We hear how Intel is using Splunk internally, as well as their partnership with architectures based on the latest Intel technology. Jax and Merritte share how Intel is catching the bad guys with Splunk and how Intel is working with Splunk to optimize Splunk for their customers. We also learn what key metrics customers are looking for with Splunk performance. Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

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  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Splunk Observability & OpenTelemetry with Karthik Rau - #VR2C


    We are on day 8 of or Virtual Race to .conf20 #VR2C. Today we hear about Karthik Rau, VP of Observability at Splunk. First we get a quick overview of what is observability and how Splunk is contributing to OpenTelemetry. Karhik also shares some of the standards needed for building a strong practice. To finish, we hear about how Splunk earned it’s spot in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for APM through it’s acquisition of SignalFX, Omnition and contributions to OpenTelemetry.   Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Ethical Hacking and Splunk Security with Red River's Brian Clarke - #VR2C


    It’s day 7 of our Virtual Race to .conf20! #VR2C Today we chat with Brian Clarke – Security SME, Design Engineering for Red River Technology. Brian shares his history of ethical hacking, and tells us of some of the security challenges organizations are facing today. We also learn how Red River uses Splunk to help solve IOT and security problems for a number of their customers in the federal space. Brian also shares what he’s excited for at .conf20 and what to be on the lookout for! Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    The Arrow Autonomous Race Car with Joshua Parrish - #VR2C


    We are at Daytona for day 6 of our Virtual Race to .conf20, #VR2C! Today we meet Joshua Parrish who is a Principal Field Applications Engineer for Arrow Electronics. Joshua shares around one of the coolest projects ever, the SAM (semi-autonomous mobility) car. We learn about the history of the project, and how it’s given drivers the ability to race again. Joshua also shares about the technical process of undertaking a project like this, and some of the design principles required for safe operation.   Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Splunk at Dell with Jaynene Hapanowicz & Will Hudson - #VR2C


    Welcome to day five of our Virtual Race to .conf20 #VR2C! Our guests today are Jaynene Hapanowicz – CTO of Dell Digital, & Will Hudson – VP, IT for Dell Digital. We hear a bit around how Dell quickly implemented their work from home policy this year during the pandemic. Jaynene and Will also share a bit around Spunk and Observability are impacting them as they transition from a reactive to proactive IT environment.   Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    The Splunk Security Landscape with Albert Biketi - #VR2C


    Join us on our fourth day of our virtual race to .conf20! #VR2C as we chat with Albert Biketi, VP of Security Business at Splunk. Albert shows us how businesses are going through a digital transformation and how we must change our security posture to adapt in this new digital world. We also hear about future trends of AI / ML as it relates to security with Splunk and learn a bit about some F1 trivia as well! Join in on the fun here.   Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Racing Data Insights with McLaren and Splunk - #VR2C


    Today on our Virtual Race to .conf20 #VR2C, we are at Silverstone! Dan McEwen Head of Partnerships at McLaren Racing and James Hodge, Chief Technical Advisor at Splunk join us and share insights around the McLaren and Splunk partnership. We learn about McLaren’s e-sports program, Veloce. Dan also shares what McLaren has learned through virtual racing and how James and team at Splunk have been able to quickly provide views into multiple data sources for real time insights in racing.   Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Splunk AIOps with Kia Behnia - #VR2C


    While we race at Laguna Seca on the #VR2C today, we chat with Kia Behnia, VP of IT Operations at Splunk. We learn how Splunk’s AIOps capabilities enable teams to provide 360 degree insights into your data. Kia shares how the networks landscape has change as we have transitioned to WFH this year. We also learn how AIOps is being applied to citical applications like SAP.   Full shownotes here
  • Big Data Beard podcast

    Splunk and IOT with Red River's Amin Murad - #VR2C


    Hear about the partners that are powering Splunk’s Virtual Race to .conf20. #VR2C Today we meet Amin Murad – Customer Solutions Architect at Red River Technologies. Amid shares how Red River helps customers use Splunk to answer their data analytics and IOT strategy. We also hear what’s next for the Splunk and Red River partnership, as well as what trends he’s excited about in the analytics space.   Full shownotes here

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