Voice Of A Lost Explorer: A No Man's Sky Audiobook podcast

Chapters 1 - 10 The Unabridged Story

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Welcome No Man's Sky Fans! We have had so much passion from the No Man's Sky Community that we bring you this unabridged story of Voice Of A Lost Explorer! We want to bring you an unabridged version for every 10 chapters we release. If you enjoy it, let us know! Please subscribe, leave a review or comment and as always, keep exploring! Welcome to the fictitious podcast adaptation of Hello Games' No Man's Sky. Voiced by Donnie from the Craft Brews and Geek News Podcast - https://itun.es/us/ZIpCeb.c The story, written by Andreas Constantine, is set in the No Man’s Sky Universe and follows the journey of a traveler, like ourselves, who is searching for answers to his identity and whereabouts in an alien universe filled with mystery. You’ll meet new characters and more familiar ones on a thrilling quest to find answers. The plot deviates from the game to a more story driven premise, but stays true to the consistent narrative and background lore. Now, with the creation of this audiobook, The Voice of the Lost Explorer, you can experience the sounds and words of the story come to life. We hope you enjoy it. Original Novelization - https://odetoalostexplorer.wordpress.com/ Link to the Chapters on YouTube - https://bit.ly/2uXO1Zn

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