Pete Mosley - Diary of an Intronaut podcast

Pete Mosley - Diary of an Intronaut


Pete Mosley - Diary of an Intronaut Intronaut: Noun. "An individual who explores or reflects on ones own mind and thoughts in search of meaning and understanding of 'self'. My recordings here are designed to help you think about your values, narratives and how to use those to create human connection - they're designed to help you find a healthy personal narrative - your own unique voice - and gain confidence in using it. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn how to speak up, connect effectively with others and create great relationships - be that with colleagues or customers. It's a toolkit based on experience, evaluation and research built up over a long career in coaching and mentoring. What will you find here? •Ways to make sense of your values and their role in creating great relationships. •Ideas to help you boost your storytelling and communication skills. •Thoughts on the nature of human connection and how to make it work for you.

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