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A weekly podcast dedicated to all things poker. Tune in to hear our hosts Jamie Kerstetter & Ben Wilinofsky discuss current events, share stories and personal experiences, and interview special guests from the poker community.

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    E084: Andrew Moreno & Kristy Arnett | $1.4 Million Win & A Baby On The Way!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09Welcome Andrew and Kristy Moreno!00:40Andrew just had a huge win, and Kristy is pregnant with their first child.  How are they feeling about such significant life developments?01:42Andrew & Kristy were very open about the difficulties they had getting pregnant.  How do they feel now that the baby is almost here?03:10Andrew recently took part in psychedelic-assisted therapy.  What was that like?  How did it affect their relationship?  How did it affect Andrew’s relationship with poker?10:32After that first session of therapy, did he want to do more?11:41What was the process, psychologically, that took him from feeling overwhelmed by the first session, to feeling open to potentially engaging in another session?14:06How has Andrew’s big win at the recent Wynn Millions affected his emotional and psychological approach to poker?17:15The importance of knowing when to put your pride aside and step down in stakes.18:47Andrew shares a story of once having auditioned to be a dealer at Treasure Island.22:11What are Kristy’s post-pregnancy plans, and how have they been impacted by Andrew’s big win?24:33Do they ever take time to reflect on how big a gamble it was to take a chance on each other and move to Vegas together?29:35Introducing Andrew & Kristy’s dog, Pepper!31:21Andrew & Kristy recently got a new dog after the death of their previous dog.  What helped them get through the loss, and allow themselves to be open to a new companion?33:27Pepper had a pretty rough and rowdy puppy phase.34:27Ben talks about having lost a dog as well, and the process of opening up to a new companion.37:21More dog stories!38:04Thoughts on the grieving process after losing a dog.39:19Thoughts on managing emotions in poker, whilst still allowing them to be part of your regular life.45:05Jamie thinks Andrew has the best rail.  How did he build such a strong community of positive people around him?48:19What are their plans for WSOP this year, especially in regard to the ongoing COVID situation?51:29Wrapping up.  Final plugs for Andrew & Kristy.  Thanks for coming on!
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    E083: Lynne Ji on Busting to JRB, Playing on a Fake ID, & Living that Vlog Life!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09Welcome Lynne Ji!00:59A bit of Lynne’s poker backstory.03:32Fun times playing Vegas casinos at age 19 with a fake ID04:53More on playing tournaments whilst underage.05:55Jamie and Lynne just got back from hanging out together at a heads-up tournament in Cabo San Lucas.06:43Lynne talks about the event, getting busted by Jean Robert Bellande, and the epic drinking that followed.09:39Jamie shares her side of the story.  Rooting for Lynne, joining in on the drinking, and congratulating her for taking the loss in stride.11:36Lynne was feeling down on poker before heading into the Cabo event.  Did her experience there renew her passion for the game?15:18Jamie gives some love to Lynne’s vlog.  What are her plans for content creation in that space?17:02The pain of trying to get people to agree to participate or collaborate in your poker content.18:34Is the transparency of having a poker vlog bad if you’re trying to play in private games?21:25Jamie appreciates the lack of expressed entitlement in Lynne’s approach to poker.23:26Lynne turns the table on Ben and asks about his background in poker, and how he met Jamie.26:47Lynne found it easier to find motivation to grind when she was living in a tiny apartment.  Does minimalist living make it easier to focus?29:36Lynne feels happiest when she’s singularly focused on something fulfilling.  Ben feels similarly.32:09Does Lynne have a drinking problem?33:08Thoughts on being young and just saying “yes” to new opportunities.34:13Love to WPT for running a great event and allowing Lynne to use all of her footage from it.  Is the poker industry a bit backward in how restrictive it tends to be in its approach to event footage?37:16Now that Cabo has her feeling somewhat rejuvenated, what are Lynne’s immediate poker plans?40:21Lynne chats about a mystery friend who helped her gain a mature perspective on money.42:57If she wasn’t playing poker right now, what would she be doing?44:30Should Lynne replace Ben as cohost of The Rake?47:16Lynne flips the table again and asks Ben and Jamie what they would do if they couldn’t be involved in poker.49:36Wrapping up.  Thanks Lynne!
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    E082: Xuan Liu talks Poker Powher, the Fear of Success, Dealing with Media & More!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09Welcome Xuan Liu!00:47Poker Powher - What is it, what’s her role in the company, and how did she become involved?02:24As a child, Xuan used to practice poker hands with her stuffed animals.03:01Puppy cameo!  Then Xuan talks a bit about her beginnings in poker.05:15Was it difficult to risk the money necessary to get deep into poker after having grown up with so little?08:11What do her parents think of her career?09:27Bad bankroll decisions:  We’ve all made them.10:48A word from our sponsors at Run It Once!11:43Does she find that having side projects improves her quality of life vs earning a living from poker alone?15:20Does she feel more inspired to play poker and study poker now that she knows it’s not the primary focus of her life?16:28Thoughts on media opportunities in poker.18:35Should poker professionals feel obligated to appear on poker media?  Is that essentially part of their duty as a poker pro?22:14Has being on the other side of poker media (running commentary, conducting interviews, etc) made it easier for Xuan and Jamie to navigate their own perceived media obligations as players?24:32Thoughts on feeling depressed after a big win.  The fear of success.27:43After a big win, has she ever felt bad for those around her who are still struggling with their grind?29:26What in life makes her the most content?30:39Thoughts on feeling motivated to stay in poker in order to be a role model for other women.  35:07Wrapping up.  Thanks Xuan!
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    E081: Jaman Burton Sheds Light on Life as a Poker Vlogger!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09Welcome Jaman Burton!00:48Do poker vloggers watch other poker vloggers' vlogs?05:04How and when did Jaman get into the poker vlogging space?09:28Getting noticed in public:  Does the expectation to be “on” affect his motivation to play live, or the experience of playing live?13:45Self improvement:  Constantly working to be a better person.15:29How has his vlogging experience contributed to his sense of self-awareness and his motivation toward self improvement?19:44Jaman doesn’t vlog to impress other people.  His daughter is actually one of his biggest motivations to vlog.21:28What makes Jaman’s vlog unique in the poker vlogging space?23:05A message from our sponsors at Run It Once!24:27What’s stopping him from diving into poker as a full-time pursuit?27:52How did Jaman learn to edit his own vlogs?29:57One of the side benefits of vlogging is that it documents your day, so you can relive the fun parts later on.35:19What’s the funniest or weirdest encounter he’s ever had with a fan or hater whilst filming?37:17How to deal with unsolicited DMs from fans or strangers.42:08If he had to physically fight somebody on his vlog, who would he choose?44:33Thoughts on the popularity of heads-up challenges right now.  Do they prove anything?46:28Is it still possible to create celebrities in poker the way they were made 10 or 15 years ago?  Are vloggers and streamers the new poker stars?51:35Everybody should start a vlog!53:05Jaman is not his daughter’s favourite vlogger.53:41Is Crouton more famous than Jamie?54:28How do we find all of Jaman’s great content online?57:13Wrapping up.  Thank you Jaman!
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    E080: Jonathan Apestyles Van Fleet on Money, Streaming, & Overcoming Addiction!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:0:00:09​Welcome Jonathan Van Fleet, aka Apestyles!  What makes you want to keep going after all these years?0:02:51​When Jon had his $1million Party Poker score, what did he do with the money?  What are his thoughts on having and spending large sums of money in general?0:06:31​One of the feelings he experienced with his win was fear.  Has Ben ever experienced that with a big win?  Thoughts on being able to take bigger financial risks when you have a strong support system to fall back on.0:10:36​More on Jonathan’s relationship with money, and addiction.0:13:54​Does he find more gratification or value in streaming than he did in just grinding? 0:17:26​Thoughts on the effects of playing with an audience online.  Pros and cons.0:19:20​The importance of community, and how streaming can provide that for online players.0:20:34​Is the streaming environment more difficult for female streamers?  The importance of having good mods.0:26:52​What was Jonathan’s rock bottom as an addict, and how did he come out of it?0:30:59​Thoughts on adjusting one’s life after achieving a milestone like sobriety, or a big win.0:33:36​What’s been his worst experience backing somebody?0:35:00​Sending some love to Jonathan’s assistant Barb.0:36:28​As a streamer, does he ever feel pressured to play big live events for the sake of his audience?0:37:36​Do live wins feel more significant than online wins?0:38:56​The importance of balancing GTO with intuition.0:41:09​What does he do to prepare for a stream?  Dealing with the anxiety of letting people down on stream.0:45:30​The legend of the re-buy fish.  Thoughts on the idea of “buying a bracelet” with multiple re-buys.0:48:35​Thoughts on superstition vs mindset vs expectations in poker.0:55:32​If people don’t hate playing you, you’re probably not being aggressive enough.0:57:16​Thoughts on the uneven nature of how bad it feels to lose vs how good it feels to win.0:59:56​Does he recall a make-or-break moment for him in poker, when he considered leaving?1:03:12​Advice for small stakes players.1:06:25​Thoughts on not always obeying your own roll.1:08:47​How did he get the nickname “apestyles”?1:10:12​Wrapping up.  Thank you Apestyles!
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    E079: Katie Stone on Crushing Poker & Motherhood!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09​Welcome Katie Stone!01:20​Some backstory on Jamie & Katie’s long-running friendship.02:36​This month is the 10-year anniversary of Black Friday.  Katie, Jamie & Ben share their Black Friday stories.09:12​With more states getting online poker, and people desperate to get back into live poker, are we in for a poker boom?13:52​Katie tells us about her young son, Luca.15:07​How deep into the mom lab is she?  What does she study in terms of parenting?17:41​How hard was it to transition from full-time poker player, to full-time mom?  Shout out to her husband, Joey Cappuccio!20:31​A message from our sponsors at Run It Once!21:52​Katie has really been crushing the past couple of months of poker, including a WSOP circuit ring win.  What was that path like after taking more than two years off for motherhood?24:27​Katie talks about the commentary work she’s doing with folks like Andrew LuckyChewy Lichtenberg and Tony Dunst, and gives her thoughts on being a female voice in poker.30:30​Katie does a lot of work trying to make the live poker environment a more welcoming place for women, and for players in general.36:58​Jamie & Ben share their own ideas on how to make poker rooms more friendly, particularly in terms of policing problematic players.42:37​How will her recent successes affect her poker plans moving forward?46:49​How would she feel if her son, Luca decided that he wanted to play poker?48:46​Wrapping up.  Thanks Katie!
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    E078: Jared Tendler on Mental Game in Poker, Trading & Esports!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09​Welcome Jared Tendler!00:51​Jared has written books on Mental Game in both poker and trading.  What kind of crossover is there between the two subjects?04:19​How the “hindsight bias” applies to both poker and trading.06:23​Results-oriented thinking as it applies to poker and trading.07:47​What advice would he give to poker players considering a move into trading?  What advantages and disadvantages do poker players tend to bring with them into the trading world?10:30​Are traders with a background in poker better equipped to deal with market swings?13:03​Jared talks about his involvement in the world of esports, and how it compares to poker and trading.16:14​A message from our sponsors at Run It Once!17:13​What was it like working with Team Liquid, in an environment where the concept of coaching was somewhat new?20:10​When he’s coaching mental game for poker, trading, and esports, how much does he personally get into each of those endeavours?  I.e., does he actually play poker, or esports, or trade?23:09​Does he have any tips for people returning to poker, maybe heading to WSOP in the fall, who haven’t played live in ages?27:19​Wrapping up.  Thanks Jared!
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    E077: Phil Hellmuth - Poker's Apex Predator?


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:00​Breaking News!00:40​A brief message from our sponsors at Run It Once02:11​WSOP has announced that a live world series will occur this year, in the fall.  Are we excited?  Should it actually always be in the fall?07:34​WSOP made the announcement on April Fool’s Day.08:35​Phil Hellmuth declared himself the Apex Predator of poker during his heads-up showdown against Daniel Negreanu.14:35​Bryn Kenney - He’s firing shots on Twitter.  Calling people out.  Challenging pros.  Accusing Phil Galfond of being shady.  What gives?20:26​Was poker more exciting when people took bigger risks?  When pros were actually putting their net worth on the line?  Before bankroll management was a thing?23:48​Jamie gives Ben his first ever Quarterly Performance Review!  Reading mean comments and Tweets from viewers!28:40​Wrapping up.  Thanks for watching! 
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    E076: Phil Galfond Learned Everything He Knows from Kevin Rabichow!


    Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09​Welcome to The Rake, Kevin Rabichow!00:29​Kevin discusses his new group coaching program with Run It Once Training!02:23​The idea for the group coaching format came from Kevin’s experiences learning in small groups whilst coming up in poker.04:05​Does he find that, in the solver era, there is still room for meta-game and tricks in poker study?06:02​More on the group coaching format, and how its more personalized, wholistic approach to a player’s game can be more effective than training on your own.09:51​Kevin recently got into playing MTTs after a decade of specializing almost exclusively in heads-up no limit hold’em.  What’s the transition been like?11:23​The differences between MTTs and heads-up play, the complexity of the former, and how things have changed in the current era.14:01​Kevin appears in Patrick Leonard’s MTT training series ‘PADS on PADS’ despite his biggest tournament win being a second-place finish.  Why should we listen to his advice on MTTs?17:21​Kevin wants to take a collaborative approach to learning in his group coaching pods, as opposed to running it strictly top-down.19:31​How coaching has allowed him to see different approaches to the game that are not necessarily in line with his own.22:19​Acknowledging, accepting, and addressing the presence and effects of emotions in poker strategy.29:30​How can folks apply to Kevin’s group coaching program, and what level of player is it intended for?30:59​Kevin almost left poker to pursue a career as a chef.  How far did he go in that direction, and how significant is the culinary part of his life today?35:45​Jamie very much appreciates Kevin’s approach to posting food on Instagram.37:40​Jamie shares her own recent experiences in learning to cook.38:46​How has he managed to maintain his passion for cooking after shifting his focus back to poker?39:58​Poker players could benefit from not always framing everything in their lives in terms of maximizing EV.45:45​What advice would he give to somebody trying to pursue poker seriously for the first time in the current climate?49:24​Phil Galfond is a big fan of Kevin’s coaching videos.  So, you know, you should be too :)
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    E075: Brandon Shack-Harris Learned Poker from Matt Bellamy of Muse?


    Try Run It Once Poker Today: runitonce.euLearn From The Best on Run It Once Training: runitonce.comEmail suggestions to: [email protected]:00:09​Welcome to The Rake, Brandon Shack-Harris!01:27​His thoughts on ICM, and dumb luck :)02:44​How to have fun with casino scavenger hunts!03:39​His relationship with Veronica Brill and Landon Tice.04:34​Gabe Kaplan mocking Phil Hellmuth on High Stakes Poker.06:04​A cameo from Brandon’s pup, Lady, and a heartwarming conversation about doggy dieting.12:03​The harrowing tale of how Brandon almost became the fourth member of popular rock band, Muse, and learned poker in the process.25:09​Jamie shares her love of Tool.25:50​Does Brandon still play music?29:11​Brandon lost a lot of money in the crypto market.33:57​A message from our sponsors at Run It Once!35:22​Brandon’s creative obsession with umbrellas, moss walls, and interior design!42:37​Thoughts on reading recommendations & book clubs.45:14​Is the quick, passive dopamine fix of social media killing our motivation to take on more rewarding long term projects?52:30​Brandon’s appreciation for gay hip hop.53:29​The origin of his love for booty shorts.55:00​If he ever gets tired of poker, what does he think he’ll do next?58:51​Wrapping up.  Thanks Brandon!

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