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Serge Tiroche: Why you should invest in Contemporary African Art

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In the very first episode of „The Frame“, Sandra Ndachengedzwa talks to patron of the arts and collector Serge Tiroche about his journey from the financial industry for a decade, back to finding his passion in art, and how he balances investment and passion. 

Besides, he dives deep into why Contemporary African art is gaining momentum and how he tries to keep a clear eye for what’s really good. In addition he discusses how Africa First was founded when the African art market was in its emerging stages and gives some insight into its strong social agenda to promote art from Africa and its Diaspora.

Serge is the founder of Africa First, a platform championing African contemporary art on a global scale.

Africa First actively promotes the artists in its collection through its website, gallery collaborations, a lending program, digital media, an artist residency, newsletters, sponsorships, prizes and commissions, as well as various forms of collaboration and advisory work with a multitude of institutions in the art ecosystem.

To find out about Africa First’s  current and upcoming exhibitions, visit their website  or follow Serge on instagram: @sergetiroche

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