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Ghizlane Sahli: The role of art in society

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Art is a very powerful medium to create awareness and promote environmental conservation. Artists have used their creativity to make people aware of the environment and its importance. With their help, people can understand the cause of global warming, deforestation, wildlife extinction, and many other issues related to nature. Ghizlane Sahli, our guest for today, explains what can be done with art to raise more awareness about environmental conservation. 

Ghizlane is an award-winning and world-renown Morrocan artist. In 2012, Sahli co-founded the Zbel Manifesto collective that dedicates its artistic practice primarily to working with waste and repurposed materials. Exhibitions of the Zbel Manifesto featured at the Marrakech Biennale in 2014 and the inaugural opening of the Muhammed IV Museum in Rabat.

Influenced by her understanding of space and architectural design and her environmental sustainability concerns, Sahli creates three-dimensional embroidery sculptures and installations made from the tops of used bottles covered with silk thread. Ghizlane explains how she got into art, The Zbel manifesto, the role of artists in society, and the role of the community in her creative work. She also shares some insights on how art can be used to create more understanding of our environment. Tune in to learn more!

Notable quotes

  • “Even with the worst things like wastes, we can create bigger things in our lives.”
  • “When something is meant to happen, the universe aligns.”
  • “The first step for a woman to be free is to be able to use her body as she wants.”
  • “Being an artist is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Artworks / Exhibitions mentioned in the episode


Books: The Alchemist

To find out about Zbel Manifesto visit their  website or follow them on facebook: Zbel Manifesto

To find out about Ghizlane 's  current and upcoming exhibitions visit her website, or follow her  on instagram: @ghizlane_sahli

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