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Ashley Scott: Honoring black people's history through sculpture

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In  this episode, Ashley Scott opens up on how art has played a great role in her self-development and how she uses it to tell the story of her history and culture. 

Creating a sculpture is quite different from other forms of art. It involves using various tools, materials, and techniques to make the final piece. The process can be long and arduous, but it has its rewards if done well. Ashley Scott, our guest for today,  explains the process of creating a sculpture in detail. She is an American sculpture artist living and working in Berlin. The basis of her work is her own development in a social context. It ranges from loss and rejection to identity as a black woman and the liberation from colonial structures and racist resentments.

Ashley spends more than a year reading and collecting pictures before knowing what to do. The process is both exciting and ugly since it takes time to see your idea in the sculpture. She explains the role of society in sculpture art, the meaning behind the sculptures, the title of titles, the challenges that she has faced, and how there career has evolved. Tune in to learn more!

Notable Quotes

  • The personal evolves into the universal.
  • If you interact with a piece, that is a sculpture, it is supposed to ignite your inner feelings.
  • Never reduce your worth to make others comfortable or understand what you communicate.

Shout to the one and only Great-Aunt Fancie!

Artworks mentioned in the episode

Artist mentioned in the episode

To find out about Ashley's  current and upcoming exhibitions, visit her  website  or follow Ashley on instagram: @ashleydrapes

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