The Anesthesiology Clerkship Podcast podcast

The Anesthesiology Clerkship Podcast

Lauren Rietchel

Hey everyone, my name is Lauren Rietchel and I'm a 4th year medical student at the University of British Columbia, and welcome to the Anesthesiology Clerkship Podcast! In this podcast, I talk about all things anesthesia for a clerkship level medical student. We will go through the basics of anesthesia (like what that word even means!) and build our way up through to more complicated topics. Each episode will be varied and feature different styles of teaching to suit all learning styles! I include didactic explanations, examples, cases and a step-by-step approach to anesthesia. This podcast is sure to help aid you in becoming a successful third year medical student on your upcoming anesthesiology rotation. So please pop-in your headphones, sit back (or go for a healthy brain walk!) and enjoy the podcast. It's learning time! Please direct any feedback or inquiries to: [email protected]

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