Setting the Table podcast

Let's Talk about Black Brewing & Distilling

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
African American foodways have not only influenced the way that Americans eat, but also how we drink as well. This episode will explore the stories and legacies of Black brewers and distillers. Mount Vernon's Steve Bashore shares the history of the enslaved-distillers who made George Washington's Whiskey, Historian Theresa McCulla recounts the story of Patsy Young, a runaway slave who was also a brewer, Victoria Eady Butler of Unlcle Nearest shares her experiences carrying on the legacy of her Great-Great-Grandfather Nearest Green, and Kim Harris of Harlem Hops tells us how she and her team are supporting diversity to the craft brewing industry. Setting the Table is part of the Whetstone Radio Collective. Learn more about this episode of Setting the Table at, on IG and Twitter at @whetstoneradio, and YouTube at /WhetstoneRadio.

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