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Our Laif

“A podcast by Jamba, Jus and Nae, three young creatives from Zurich, on mental health, the challenges of growing up and their journeys to living more sustainable lives. Occasionally they touch on how slow nae and jamba are at everything and how much it annoys jus that nae and jamba are so slow at everything”

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  • our_laif podcast

    our MORNING laif


    On a cozy sunday morning in berlin, nae and juss talk about having good mornings, why they're important, what has and hasn't worked for them and more more more. Let us know how your morning routine looks like on our instagram @ourlaifpodcast. Thank you for listening <3
  • our_laif podcast

    our ACCEPTANCE laif


    We were inspired by recent events to speak about acceptance on the levels of sexuality, gender and the self. Even though we see tons of empowerment and pride for LGBTQ+ acceptance our world still has a lot of closed off minds roaming. How can we inspire awareness and more understanding? Being inspired by the series Pose to be educated on the world of transgender identification, we admire art that voices a message of pride for who you are. To that, we discuss how stories in movies and series inspire us in life generally. Lastly, In this episode Juss is back again and while recording Nae was on the train to Berlin.
  • our_laif podcast

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  • our_laif podcast

    our Q&A laif


    mmhm we answer your questions. we hope you enjoy. much love during these cold times <3
  • our_laif podcast

    Euses Läbe Nr.2


    Another Swiss German Episode woohoo! Oh nei wart, die verstönd jo eh nur lüt wo Schwiizerdtüsch rede also machts au Sinn die Beschriebig uf Schwiizerdütsch z schribe oder? Die Wuche sinds d Jamba und Nae mitemene spezielle Gast, de Timo. Hoffed es gfallt euch und wünsched euch allne es guets 2020. English episode will come out next week, much love! The our_laif podcast team <3
  • our_laif podcast

    our RANDOM laif


    hello! In this weeks epsiode jamba and nae talk about life and how sometimes you've got lighter times and sometimes you've got harder times. One of our goals with this podcast was to fight mental health stigmas and have real talks about how we're doing and in this episode both of us were just going through our own struggles. It's so nice that we got to sit down though and reflect. If you are struggling too, we'd like to remind you that things DO get better! If you need help let people know, find someone to talk to and help you and just keep hanging in there. Much much love from all of us!
  • our_laif podcast

    our TRAVEL laif


    As Jus departs for Asia for six weeks, we discuss how travelling through and seeing new places has influenced us. Jamba talks about growing up in Gambia, Nae recounts her solo-trip to Australia and Jus shares her predictions on getting in touch with her Asian side. We remember our favourite trips, the things we learnt while on them and our most memorable musicals. We also talk, holiday vibes, expensive spas and being sick. Thank you for your continuous support <3
  • our_laif podcast

    our FEAR laif


    For the first time we're talking about the concept of fear and the different ways it can be looked at. This conversation ends with words about fear of death.
  • our_laif podcast

    our SWISS laif


    How we feel about living in Switzerland and our perspective on the school system based on our own experience. Also, we discuss the life of an artist and her opportunities in this country besides touching on our relationship with alpine sports.
  • our_laif podcast

    Euses Läbe Nr.1


    ..*SWISSGERMAN" hoi dass isch eusi ersti Schwiizerdütschi Episode. Mer sind eus au ned ganz sicher was sie isch oder si sött aber hoffentlich gfallt sie euch ;) Mer wäred mega froh über Feedback uf eusem Insta @ourlaifpodcast
  • our_laif podcast

    our BODY LOVE laif


    We look at the question "What even is a body?” from a spiritual as well as a philosophical standpoint, discuss learning to accept and take care of ourselves and talk about our personal journeys to loving our bodies.

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