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#117 - Affirmation to Co-Create with the Universe

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Affirmation to co-create with the Universe

Learning to make your life a co-creation with the universe is key!

Start tapping into this power today.
This has a magic power, but most people don´t tap into it.
This may finally inspire you to do so. To connect with your heart. Connect with your Soul.
A path of gratitude and self Love, is a path of peace, joy, and passion.
These affirmations are spoken in the vibration of Love and Gratitude. Find that DIVINE POWER within you and prevail as the MASTER CREATOR you are!

Letting go of that old energy will open you up to a high vibrational flow of abundance and prosperity into your life. Living your life from a Higher Perspective; Awakened and Connected to your True Self and the whole universe.


- Use headphones

- Use it whenever you feel you need some peace and relaxation

- You can listen when you sit, lie down, walk, meditate, run, workout, do yoga, do chores.

- Listen for 15 days straight

Shine Your Beautiful Light!


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