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Even men at the top of their game find themselves wanting more from life. Whether it's more meaning, a bigger impact, unshakable confidence, a hotter sex life, more money, deeper love, solid friendships or a powerful legacy… What is true success? How can a man actually reach the end of his life and look back without regret -- having lived and loved fully, rather than having been stuck in fear or a life he was "supposed to" lead? Man Alive is a series of bold, raw and gritty conversations with experts on success, power, sex, love and legacy for men who...are clear they want amazing lives?! For the past 15 years Shana James, a dating and relationship expert, has worked with thousands of men and women around the world and collaborated with hundreds of teachers and coaches. She has led workshops for dating companies like Table for Six and and been matchmaker for an MTV reality show. Shana doesn't buy into the need for rules, games or limitations. She works with men individually to find their unique power, confidence and leadership abilities, breaking open the boxes that keep them stuck, dissatisfied, or settling for less than amazing in any area of life.

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    #213: How to Be An Effective Ally in the Workplace


    The topic of being an ally in the workplace doesn't have to be a buzzkill. We are all busy and have many demands on our attention, but your allyship in the workplace is important and not only benefits others, but you as well.
  • Man Alive podcast

    #212: Release Money Shame


    Our relationship with money can wreak havoc on our lives. We can feel insecure, anxious and unclear about our finances, both when we gain and lose it. Today's guest shows us how to release the shame we carry about money. 
  • Man Alive podcast

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  • Man Alive podcast

    #211: Execute Without Fail in 2022


    The new year is a great time to create a plan to execute your goals in 2022. Today's guest brings a simple, no fail perspective for doing so. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #210: The Power of Holographic Leadership


    Anthony David Adams is a man who recognizes that how we do one thing tends to be how we do anything -- that there is a holographic nature to life, love and leadership.
  • Man Alive podcast

    #209: The Nuances of Attraction


    Today's Man Alive podcast guest has taught thousands of men real information about the nuances of attraction with women. When you learn to pay attention to these nuances, you no longer need quick fixes, B.S. or magic pills. Dating and relationships become more exciting, fulfilling, and likely to last!
  • Man Alive podcast

    #208: How to Calm Someone Down in 90 Seconds or Less


    What would change if you knew you could calm someone down, anytime there was an escalation of conflict or upset? Today's guest has worked with thousands of people, including those in prisons, and has found a revolutionary way to create more peace and connection, fast. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #207: Why men age differently and how to age better


    Aging is something most men would rather not experience, but we can't avoid it. What we can do is learn to age better by understanding how men age differently and what experts find keeps you vital and strong. Today's guest gives you a roadmap for the best chance for a long and healthy life. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #206: Competition is the Real Root of Relationship Problems


    Many couples attempt to solve relationship struggles by learning communication tools. These are important, but today's guest shares about an issue underlying communication that, if not addressed, will undermine all attempts toward relationship repair. 
  • Man Alive podcast

    #205: Break Out of The Human Zoo


    To implement consistent, healthy habits that support a meaningful life, it is helpful to expand your perspective to see the whole picture. Today's guest, Jonah Larkin, helps us do that. He likens our current situation to being like humans living in a zoo and helps us break free.
  • Man Alive podcast

    Rapture, Ecstasy, Orgasm and the Divine Feminine


    In this incredibly rare conversation you'll hear from a woman who has opened her heart and sensuality, who wants you to feel more powerful with women.

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