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This Podcast is an extension of my curious brain. Subscribe to know what all is going in the head of a crazy writer and wordplay frenzy person.

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    The Shadow| Story about a boy High on Passion


    A boy figures out what he was destined to do. The cloudy smoke of ifs and buts became clear in some moments. Listen to this story inspired by art of Abhishek Yadav. follow him on instagram @abhishekyadavevo --- Send in a voice message:
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    Haan Main Pahaadi Hoon| Uttarakhand diwas special poetry


    Though I was never raised in my village, I still feel attached to our ancestral house in Pauri Garhwal. I feel sad that we had to leave it completely unattended due to the circumstances that were at our hands long ago. I see my parents and my relatives worried about our home and our touch with our native place in Uttarakhand. Like my family, I see a lot of people facing the same guilt of leaving their house to live a life in the city. I think we need to understand that it is OKAY! Don't blame each and everyone who left their gaon/village. Rather, we need to keep our intentions true. We need to make sure, we keep the dream alive in our soul. The dream to go back once again and build our old houses, do something for our Uttarakhand, our Pahaad, our Ghaur! With this hope, I have written this short poem and used the basic video editing skills I had to create this video, do share and inspire people to keep their hope alive because hope sows the seeds of scope. isn't it? Happy Uttarkhand Diwas to everyone! Main Pahaadi Hu aur aap bhi! --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

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  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Bujhi Cigarette| A light story


    Ajay spends a night on the terrace due to a major electrical fault. While having his cigarette in his hideout in the dark he is surprised with an unexpected company!  --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Chai ki Chuski| Feeki Chai| Short Audio Story


    What happens when a sweet chai lover got to know she can't have sugar anymore? This is the story of an old lady who finds a sweet replacement for sugar while she has her last cup of sweet tea.  --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Hindi Poetry on Gravity or Gurutvaakarshan


    This poem talks about a different kind of gravity in our life that comes in the form of people! yes! listen to know what this Hindi poem has to say. --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Khulle Panne: A poetry to lift you up


    We were told by our elders that leaving the papers loose on the table or keeping the book open when not in use is a bad omen. But this little girl uses her imagination to do much more with these khulle panned, listen to this poem to know more! --- Send in a voice message:
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    Snapshots| Tiny tales| Ball of friendship| Episode 3


    This is a short story about the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  This one went a little above one minute though! but you will know why! :)  --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Lockdown ki kahaaniyaan: Unlocking relationship


    A couple decides to divorce each other and the sudden lockdown in the city forces them to stay under one roof. What happens with both of them, how the turmoil of emotions changes them in the lockdown? This story is all about that Produced By --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Woh Kya Tha: Horror stories: Episode Safar ya suffer?


    What happens when Varun goes for his school reunion after 10 years? he meets an old fling and his life changes after that...remember this is not a romantic story! Written and produced by Akanksha ( --- Send in a voice message:
  • Ink Potcast podcast

    Snapshots One Minute Tales Ep 02


    Job in a big city can be overwhelming especially when you are far away from your family. This snapshot is of a moment when Anuj finally feels home for the first time since he left home. produced by --- Send in a voice message:

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