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Maggie & V

Longtime friends Maggie and V met twelve years ago through a mutual fandom -- and they haven't agreed on much since, except for their love of loving things, writing fanfiction, and each other. Join them as they chat about their passions (and gentle ribbing of the other's passions) and discuss the ins and outs of fandom's past, present, and future, from LiveJournal to Tumblr, AO3, and beyond.

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  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    053. Everyone Likes Problematic Things, with StitchMediaMix


    Think before you tweet! This week, Maggie and V are joined by Stitch of Teen Vogue and Stitch's Media Mix to discuss the current state of fandom, cyberbullying and harassment in fandom spaces, Loki, A/B/O, BTS, and so much more. It's an episode that's been requested by more than just our Patrons, and we're so excited to be able to share it with you!
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    052. Tchotchkes & Headcanons


    Watch your eBay bids! This week, Maggie and V answer a fan-picked question: what is the deal with curatorial fandom, and how is it different from transformative fandom? Since Maggie and V are both fanfic writers, they turned to the biggest collector and non-fanfic-person they know to speak to curatorial fandom: V's dad. Plus, two adults in their 30s lose their whole minds over Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in The Sandlot.
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

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  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    051. Twitter Is Just 2014 Tumblr


    Tag your posts! This week, Maggie and V are joined by the illustrious Meme Librarian Amanda Brennan to discuss all things Tumblr, tagging, metadata, and fandoms-by-proxy. But before they get to the interview, Maggie and V discuss what fandoms they've had by-proxy and V gets Supernatural and The Punisher very, very wrong. Or right. You be the judge.
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    050. Aren't You a Little Sick of Twilight Yet?


    Celebrate good times, come on! I Met You On LJ is a year old, so join Maggie and V on a journey back in time to the forgotten mega-fandom: Twilight. After discussing the vampire saga's racist, misogynistic origins, they get into the weeds over the franchise's 150,000+ fanfictions, why people like Edward Cullen, and the strange appeal of Bella Swan. Hold on tight, spidermonkeys!
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    049. Tournament of the Fake Dads


    Fire up the grill! This week, Maggie and V explore the wondrous topic of great father figures and surrogate-dad characters in the media they love: Jim Hopper, Frank Castle, Dr. Alan Grant, Sirius Black, and Din Djarin/Mandalorian (with some honorary special mentions like Tony Stark, Mr. Feeny, and Geralt of Rivia). They tell bad jokes! They make cheeseburgers! They fix your problems, kind of! Hats off to the father figures who make our favorite characters' lives brighter. Plus, Maggie has an existential crisis and V loves television.
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    048. Everyone's A Fan of Someone


    Keep your friends close and your mutuals closer! This week, Maggie and V delve deep into the world of parasocial relationships and their impact on fandom. From the Aubrey Plaza/Elizabeth Olsen stalker film Ingrid Goes West to the differing cultures of LiveJournal, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter, parasocial relationships are all around us and we all have them -- whether we like it or not. Plus, Maggie found a new TV show in The White Lotus, and V has a parasocial relationship to Paul Rudd lately.
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    047. Fandom & Disability with Josh Galassi


    Embrace accessibility! This week, Maggie and V are joined by Queerty writer and former Grey's Anatomy superfan Josh Galassi to discuss disability and fandom, whether it's the positive way that fandom fosters open community or the negative effects of Hollywood's ableism. Plus, frank discussion of how disability intersects with queerness on the dating and love scene -- even in our own imaginations with fanfiction.
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    046. 69 Tropes (Nice), Part II


    Filter your AO3 search! This week, Maggie and V return to the panoply of fave fanfiction tropes and how they work for different types of canons. From bed sharing to dead dove do not eat, the world of fanfiction really runs the gamut. Plus, a scathing critique of Tumblr's new Post+, and V shares a humiliating story.
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    BONUS! Loki (Disney+)


    Why the hell is there an alligator in here?! Join Maggie & V for a special bonus episode featuring their friend, certified Loki Girl(™) @dracosollicitus, for a trip through the Jeremy Bearimy of the MCU’s newborn multiverse with Loki (Disney+). They wonder where Time Criminal Steve Rogers is now, ponder the moral implications of self-cest versus queerness, and applaud the spellbinding Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror. Plus, do Maggie and/or V like Loki (the character) now?
  • I Met You On LJ podcast

    045. Speaking of Spooky Things


    Boo! Join Maggie and V for a creep through some very different haunted houses as they discuss BBC’s Ghosts, the movie Ghost (1990), and Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. What makes ghosts horrifying? Why are women never believed? What was up with Demi Moore’s hair? What’s making that bump in the night? Plus, Maggie gets her dream interior decorator by proxy on, and V recommends a spooky summer read with Maureen Johnson’s The Box in the Woods.

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