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Welcome to the Global Recon Podcast! Hosted by John Hendricks. Mr. Hendricks sits down with American Intelligence professionals, and American Special Operations personnel to discuss a wide variety of subjects. These topics include historical events, current events, medicine, and geopolitics. Enjoy.

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    GRP 149-Medal of Honor Recipient Staff Sergeant Ronald J. Shurer


    GRP 149-My guest for this podcast is Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer. Ron passed away due to complications from Lung Cancer on May 14th, 2020. He was 41 years old. I want to extend my condolences to his wife, Miranda, his two boys, my buddy Ryan, his teammates, and co-workers from the Secret Service. Ron deployed twice to Afghanistan as a Medic in the 3rd Special Forces Group with ODA 3336. During his second deployment, while conducting an operation in the Shok Valley, Ron and his teammate Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Matthew O. Williams were both awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their actions during combat. We discussed the Battle of Shok Valley in detail. Ron, would eventually separate from the Army and join the Secret Service, where he served for a decade. Ron was a special person. I enjoyed recording this show with him. We intended to sit down and record a second show at the studios here in Manhattan once COVID was contained. Rest in peace, brother. John Hendricks: Music provided by Caspian:
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    GRP 148-The MARSOC 3: The story of three Raiders and their struggle with the military justice system


    Joining me for this week’s podcast is a retired Marine Special Operations Task Force Commander Fred Galvin, and Army veteran, gold star wife, and current spouse to a MARSOC Raider Destiny Draher. On January 1st, 2019 Gunnery Sgt. Joshua Negron, Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Draher and Chief Petty Officer Eric Gilmet were assaulted by a drunk former Green Beret working as a civilian contractor in Erbil, Iraq during a night out. One of the Marines threw a punch back knocking the contractor out. The entire incident is caught on camera. The Marines took the contractor with them back to base while Eric Gilmet who is a Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman treated him. He ended up choking on his vomit and unfortunately died four days later. The commanding General of MARSOC has completely alienated these Marines and they are not getting a fair shot at justice. We discuss in full detail how the command isn’t concerned with finding out the truth and has already made up their minds about the case. Our three MARSOC Warriors need your support! Please contact your representatives and make them aware of this case. Unsure of what to say? Here is a template that you can use to email or when you call your representatives. Dear Representative, As your constituent, I am requesting that you reach out to Congressmen Louie Gohmert’s office and the Justice For Warriors Caucus and support MARSOC warriors Danny Draher, Josh Negron, and Eric Gilmet. These three MARSOC warriors have been wrongfully accused of “Manslaughter” and the Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus is stepping in to stop this injustice. Please have your military staffer reach out to Congressmen Gohmert’s military staffer and act now to save these military hero’s. Sincerely, [name] Find your representatives here: Support United Patriots here: John Hendricks: Music provided by Caspian:
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    GRP 147- No Ordinary Dog: A Special Missions Dog Handler at War


    Joining me for this week’s podcast is Author and Navy SEAL, Will Chesney. Chesney served for three years at SEAL Team 4 before screening and being selected to serve as a Tier 1 Operator. He has deployed multiple times as a Dog Handler and Operator until he was medically retired after getting blown up in Afghanistan. The book is the story of Will and his SEAL dog Cairo. Cairo served with Will for multiple rotations, including after getting shot by an enemy fighter wielding an AK-47. Cairo was with Will on Operation Neptune Spear. This was the Operation that killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. We discussed Will’s recovery, Navy SEAL Dogs, and his new book. Enjoy. Get your copy of No Ordinary Dog here: John Hendricks: Music provided by Caspian:
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    GRP 146-A Wise Man Does His Own Work: The Story of a British Volunteer in The Fight Against ISIS


    Joining me for this week’s podcast is author and veteran of the war in Syria, Ed Nash. Ed is a civilian from the United Kingdom who spent his early 20’s traveling the world. He would eventually go on to work with the Free Burma Rangers(FBR). The FBR is a volunteer organization led by a former American Special Forces Officer, which provides aid to civilians in war zones around the globe. After a few stints with the FBR as an information officer, Ed went on to join up with the Kurds in the fight against ISIS in Syria. Initially, he was to work in an information/media role. One thing led to another, and he went on to deploy into combat as a Designated Marksmen or as some of the Kurds called it the Sniper unit. We discussed his time in Syria, what it was like returning home to the U.K., and much more. Enjoy. You can check out Ed’s book here: John Hendricks: Music provided by Caspian:
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    GRP 145-Defender that shall not be seen: Shin Bet


    GRP 145-Defender That Shall Not be Seen My guest for this week's podcast is Tomer Israeli. Tomer is A veteran captain of the Israeli Defense Forces with over 20 years of both combat and instructional experience. He began his army career in the Sayeret Matkal - '92 Yuval which is Israel's Tier 1 counter-terrorism unit. He later served as a team member in a special recon team (Sayeret Golani - Orev '92 Dotan). As a reserve officer, Tomer led his team at a special forces recon unit deep behind enemy lines during the Second Lebanon War (2006). He went on to join the Israeli Secret Services the Shin Bet. We discussed some of the histories of Israeli Special Forces and Intelligence operations, the complexities of the issues between Israel and Palestine plus more. Tomer runs a tactical training company called Israeli Tactical. Enjoy. Check out Tomer here: John Hendricks: Music provided by Caspian:
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    GRP 144-Wherever you go, go with all your heart: A MACV-SOG Team Leader at war


    GRP 144-Wherever you go, go with all your heart: A MACV-SOG Team Leader at war Co-hosting for this podcast is retired Chief Warrant Officer and 20 year Navy SEAL veteran Ron Mahrs. Our guest is Dr. Henry Thompson. Thompson served for 21 years in the United States Army in various leadership roles. He began his career as a Green Beret joining MACV-SOG running recon operations during the Vietnam war. Dr. Thompson became the 1-0 or team leader of Recon Team Michigan, taking over the team from a good friend of mine named Mike Stahl, who was wounded on an operation. The casualty rate for SOG was over 100 percent. They are the precursor to today’s Tier 1 units. This episode is a rare treat as you get a long time Tier 1 SEAL to sit down with an experienced SOG Team leader and me. Enjoy. Henry Thompson: Ron Mahrs: John Hendricks: Music provided by Caspian:
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    GRP 143-Mosul: A film by a CIA counter terrorism officer


    Joining me for this week’s podcast is former CIA counterterrorism officer Dan Gabriel. He served at the Agency for a decade until the killing of Osama Bin Laden when he decided it was time to pursue another passion of his: Film making. The film “Mosul” is entirely in Arabic. Written and directed by Gabriel, it shows the journey of a journalist from Bagdad as he documents the retaking of Mosul from ISIS. Ali Mula embeds with the Iraqi Special Forces as they fight ISIS house to house, and street by street. The film highlights charismatic leaders of different militia that have come together to fight ISIS. It’s fascinating. We discussed the film, Dan’s career, terrorism, and counter-terrorism as it relates to the middle east and Islam. Enjoy. You can follow the film’s official page here: You can follow Dan on Twitter here: Follow John Hendricks Music provided by Caspian
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    GRP 142-The Operator Foundation: The story of Ron Mahrs A Counter Terrorism Operator


    GRP 142-The Operator Foundation: The story of Ron Mahrs A Counter-Terrorism Operator Joining me for this episode is Ron Mahrs. He served in the Navy for 27 years with over 20 as a SEAL and 15 as an operator at the counter-terrorism organization. Ron founded the Gethin Group and The Operator Foundation both providing unique services to veterans with Gethin, and gold star families with the Foundation. Mahrs, deployed into combat 14 times in a tier 1 capacity where he served at various levels of leadership. We discussed the time he spent deployed with the Army’s Special Missions unit, the importance of cross-training with allied nations tier 1 organization, leadership and selecting operators plus much more. Enjoy. Follow Ron Mahrs below: Follow John Hendricks Music provided by Caspian
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    GRP 141-Easy Day: A conversation with Navy SEAL Jason Higgins


    GRP 141-Easy Day: A conversation with Navy SEAL Jason Higgins On for this week’s podcast is former Navy SEAL and owner of Easy Day Hemp Jason Higgins. Jason served as a SEAL for nine years before rotating into a government security job. It wasn’t until his transitioning out of combat where he started to experience difficulty. During this process, he hit personal lows and realized he needed to make a change. Using natural remedies including Yoga, Cannabis, and hemp he was able to overcome his issues. He went on to form a company with a fellow SEAL called Easy Day Hemp. Higgins is the CEO and they offer a wide variety of CBD based products including products for K-9’s as his teammate was a dog handler in the SEAL Teams. Enjoy. Follow Easy Day Hemp: Instagram: Follow John Hendricks
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    GRP 140-Killing Soleimani and Iranian Foreign Policy


    Joining me for this week’s podcast is Hussain Abdul-Hussain. Hussain is the bureau chief for the Kuwaiti Daily and has been a journalist covering the middle east for over 20 years. His childhood was spent between Iraq and Lebanon. I first took notice of Hussain when he countered the narrative of the mainstream media in the immediate aftermath of the Soleimani killing by translating the Arabic news reports coming out of Iraq. We discussed the killing of Soleimani, the Iranian nuclear deal, the misrepresentation by the mainstream media, and many other topics. Enjoy. 0:00-Intro 4:12-The initial reaction to the killing of Soleimani 7:47-Misrepresentations by the mainstream media 22:20-The people of Iran are countering the pro-Iranian government propaganda pushed by western media by large scale protest 26:50-Soleimani was not an official in a foreign government You can follow Hussain on Twitter here: Chantel Taylor:

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