Black Material Geographies podcast

Black Material Geographies

Whetstone Radio Collective

With the growing awareness around how our food and clothing are made and where it comes from, our curiosity and desire to deepen our understanding of the fiber systems that undergird our lives and the communities impacted by them grow with it. Black Material Geographies is a collection of conversations and stories using Blackness and textile material culture to explore how we can create more sustainable systems and processes amid global climate crises and lifestyles deeply entrenched in global capitalism. This show projects “Blackness” into the past to understand the material cultures of our present and the possibilities for a more sustainable future. We will explore what Black futures could be made of and who gets to make them. You can listen and subscribe to the Black Material Geographies podcast at and anywhere you subscribe to your favorite podcasts. Follow Whetstone Radio on Instagram and Twitter @whetstoneradio and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Whetstone Radio Collective, for more podcast video content.

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