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A loose discussion of all things cycling & fitness related. Pro cycling and mountain biking news and analysis.

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  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 74 - This Pod Should Be Played Loud


    Gary & Graham bid a tearful farewell to Sausage Roll Studios with extra helpings of rambling nonsense.  Thanks, listeners - it's been great fun.
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 73 - Diplomatic Immunity


    We are half way through the Vuelta, so what better time to express ill-founded opinions on Frome's performance & Dan Martin's riding style.  We look at the final round of the MTB World Cup and indulge in idle speculation surrounding rider transfers.   
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

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  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 72 - Just blow into this bag, sir.


    In this episode we break the mould by bringing you our Vuelta preview before the race has even started.  Gary brings you the MTB news since Graham was too lazy to even bother watching it.  We discuss JTL's epic bender and conclude that he's a very silly boy!
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 71 - J Geils Band


    In this episode we wrap up the last few stages of the Tour.  We chat about the latest round of the MTB World Cup and round up the biking action from the Commonwealth Games.  Danny's PR faux pas (what's French for faux pas) and Graham's Malaysian adventure feature in our general-stuff-catching-our-eye segment.
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 70 - Nudge, nudge, wink, wink - say no more!


    We're well into the 3rd week of the Tour - what better time to bring you our preview of Week 3 and to tie up the standings on the second rest day, which was 3 days ago.  Yup, business as usual for the VCDL Cycling Podcast.
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 69 - Tour Preview (or TUE Preview)


    Yup, it's Tour time and in a break with tradition we bring you our Tour preview show - before the race has even started!  Beer is drunk, nonsense is spouted, rash predictions are made.  We also tackle yet another "gate".  This time it's Millargate - was JV correct to leave St Dave out of his Tour squad?
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 68 - TUE, Brute?


    Ahead of the Tour, what did we learn from the Dauphine & the Tour de Suisse?  What does the departure of Belkin as a sponsor tell us about the marketing benefits of sponsoring a cycling team?  What could the UCI (or SKY) have done better in their handling of TUE-gate?  Is Manon Carpenter the revalation of this year's downhill scene? These are just some of the questions that probably remain unanswered despite an hour or so of rambling on the matter.
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 67 - Media Mountain Stage


    It's film night & book night here at VCDL Towers as we review Marco Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist and Steve Peat: Won't Back Down.  We go old skool with a couple of good, old-fashioned, paper-based books, the first of which is Volume 4 of the consistantly excellent Cycling Anthology and Etape, the latest offering from Richard Moore.
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 66 - Manager's Special


    We decide to add our voices to all the static surrounding the great Wiggins/Froome debate.  We look at what we learned from the last week of the Giro and as is now the norm, we preview the Dauphine after it has already started.  There is some talk of XTR Di2, the Scottish Commie Games team & the Tour Series and we finish off with a roundup of the latest rounds of cross-country & Downhill from Albstadt & Fort Wiliam respectively.
  • Velo Club Don Logan podcast

    Episode 65 - Werewolves of London


    A Giro-centric episode looking at the first 2 weeks of the race and looking forward to a mental final week.  We discuss the Stage 16 controversy & ask whether this was a race or a freak-show (or whether the riders are just jessies!) Mountain bike action comes from Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic and there is more rambling nonsense in our (even more) unstructured segment of general stuff catching our eye in the last fortnight!

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