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The Prosecutors

The Prosecutors

A true crime podcast with a different point of view. Every week, Alice and Brett bring their unique perspective as prosecutors to the most famous cold case mysteries of all time. Murder, mayhem, disappearances, you name it. If it's true crime, they're on the case. Custom case art by Hannah Hill.

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  • The Prosecutors podcast

    107: The Disappearance of Jason Landry Part 2 of 2


    We conclude our investigation into the disappearance of Jason Landry with some discussion of the legal avenues available for the search. Sponsor: Felix Gray
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    106: The Disappearance of Jason Landry Part 1 of 2 -- One Wrong Turn


    In December 2020, a 21 year old left his college headed home for the Christmas holidays. But then in 66 minutes, he seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. Where is Jason Landry? Sponsors: Hello Fresh: promo code tp14 to get your first fourteen meals for free. Simply Safe: 50 percent off Shudder promo code tp for thirty days free
  • The Prosecutors podcast

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  • The Prosecutors podcast

    Check Out One of the Greats: Generation Why


    When it comes to True Crime podcasts, The Generation Why Podcast is a pioneer. Hosts Aaron and Justin cover cases from all angles: they break down theories, dive deep into forensic evidence, and discuss their opinions on the most perplexing cases. On this episode, you’ll hear the unusual case of Michele Neurauter. In 2017, in Corning, New York, Sgt. John McDivitt conducted a welfare check at Neurauter's house. Through the glass of the front door he could see the silhouette of a woman and knew something terrible had happened. Inside the home, he found Neurauter dead. At first glance, it was easy to assume she’d taken her own life. But when it became clear that this wasn’t an open and shut case, the first person suspected was Neurauter's ex-husband. Though he seemed to have an alibi, some questions remained, and this who-dun-it case takes some highly unexpected turns. Listen to the rest of this episode at
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    105: Laura Dickinson -- School's Out


    When Eastern Michigan University student Laura Dickinson was found dead in her dorm room from natural causes, her friends and family were shocked. But when they found out the truth, shock turned to rage. Sponsors: PDS Debt Faherty promo code TP StoryWorth
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    104: Patreon Only July Get Vokl


    Enjoy our July discussion with our patrons on everything from Bill Cosby to Britney Spears to baby Brett. 
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    103: Carlos Ortiz and Tara Rosado Part 2 of 2


    We conclude our coverage of the square grouper murders, and we dive deep into hearsay. Sponsors: PDS Debt Free credit report and debt assessment Green Chef: promo code prosecutors125 Warby Parker:
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    102: Carlos Ortiz and Tara Rosado Part 1 of 2 -- Cocaine


    They call them square groupers, and they are the most valuable catch a fisherman can pull into his boat. But reel one in, and you might just find yourself murdered. Sponsors: Raycon: 20% off Athena Club promo code owls for 20% off 
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    101: Bloopers!


    We're celebrating 100 episodes with this special Halloween treat. Love to hear us ramble? Mess up? Talk about entirely random things? Then this is the episode for you. Thank you for all your support through our first 100 episodes. Here's to 100 more!
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    100: The Headless Valley -- Legends and Lore


    Men go into the Nahanni Valley, but they don’t come out. At least, not with their heads. Sponsors: Shudder promo code tp Felix Gray
  • The Prosecutors podcast

    99: Rod Ferrell and the Vampire Cult Murders -- Bela Lugosi's Dead


    A vampire cult? In Kentucky? You bet, and it ends in murder. Sponsors: PDS Debt free credit report and debt assessment  Hello Fresh: promo code tp14 to get your first fourteen meals for free. Simply Safe: 20 percent off

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