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The Indy Mogul Podcast brings you honest, thoughtful discussions with expert filmmakers every week. Hosted by indie filmmaker and Aputure's Ted Sim

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    Ep. 57 : Day In The Life of a Hollywood Gaffer with Harold Skinner


    Have you ever wondered what work goes inside your favorite movies and YouTube videos? Then today's your lucky day! Joining us is Harold Skinner, the gaffer for Fight Club, Interstellar, and so many other classics! This episode is a little different because this is the entire YouTube breakdown, uncut for your Behind-The-Scenes curiosity. But stick around to the end to hear Harolds Hollywood gaffing tips for the Hollywood industry and what he would have told himself when he was younger. We broke down these scenes: 1. The Social Network, the beginning breakup scene. 2. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, "I want you to catch a killer of women." 3. Interstellar, Miller's planet These scenes can be found on youtube. But for an abridged video version with graphics and animations, head over to our YouTube channel: Indy Mogul. In this episode, Harold Skinner and Ted break down classic Hollywood movies in full detail as well as going into Harolds tips for becoming a gaffer in the industry.
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 56 : Deep Dive into RED Cameras with Dave Maze


    Since 2005, RED has become the dark horse of the film industry, promising insanely high resolutions and frame rates that will hold up to any camera system from ARRI to Canon to Sony. Their new RED Komodo shows the promise of a high quality 6K sensor for under $10,000, unheard of by any cinema camera brand. But how did they get this way? What were some of the steps that took them from Silicon Valley startup to near-cultish camera empire? Dave and Ted walk through the details of the RED Komodo and the timeline of RED's history that got them to this point. 
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

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  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 55 : Find Yourself & Ask The Right Questions with Andy Lowe


    Finding yourself in the world of filmmaking is often an exciting adventure, then met with questions and trials. But those who stand the test of time will know it's meant for them. Today, Andy Lowe, the chief electrician for works such as Paddington and The Crown, talks with us about his experience on the sci-fi set of Annihilation. He also talks about his journey into becoming a gaffer and how he never felt the call to cinematography; in fact, he felt a greater call to lighting and gaffing.    In this episode, we talk with Andy Lowe about how he became a gaffer and how he got there, as well as how he knew gaffing was the right film position for him.
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 54 : How a Hobby Turns Into Hollywood Work with Ian Phillips


    Back again with another episode about Production Design, because it really is just as important as the actors and lights you place in your scene! Joining us this time is Ian Phillips, the designer behind TV shows such as Parks and Recreation, Love, and The Good Place. For all of you hobbiest doodlers out there, you might want to listen to this one. Ian started his career pursuing medicine while drawing for fun. Then one thing lead to another and he found himself designing TV show rooms and sets. We also go into what a Production Designer does, how to break down a script as a PD, and we reveal little secrets to great set designing. In this episode, we talk with Ian Phillips about how he became a production designer through his hobby of drawing. We also talk about his process to production design, from the script to building.
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 53 : Production Designing with Sam Lisenco


    You think sound goes unnoticed in film? Production Design will take that up to 11! Join us with Sam Licenso, PD for movies such as Eighth Grade, Uncut Gems and Frances Ha, as we discuss how to modify and build sets to fit all types stories, from independent to professional Hollywood. Sam relives his experience in New York pursuing film school, making indie movies and living in a chaotic community of other artists and how this became the foundation for his career. We also dive into his mindset when designing a set, and how pretty shots may not be correct. In this episode, we cover Sam Lisenco unconventional journey to becoming a production designer and his through process behind his creativity. You won't want to miss this one.
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 52 : The Fast Lane into Cinematography with Alex Disenhof


    We've all been there. Heck, some of us are still there. It's that moment when you're working as a receptionist in an office wondering, "When will I have my big shot at making movies?" Cinematographer Alex Disenhof may have a few tips and tricks to get you started. From making snow boarding videos, to shorts being seen at SXSW, to landing an agent and joining the union only at the age of 25, Alex has one of the fastest journey's into Hollywood. His determination to work on projects he wanted to work on along with his attention to detail to visuals helped Alex get to where he is today. And this was all from a relationship breakup?  In this episode, we follow Alex' story to being a full time cinematographer from receptionist and how life events and choices impacted his career. 
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 51 : Working Your Way Up with Colin Watkinson


    We've all heard stories about directors like Steven Spielberg getting his start by walking on a Universal Studios set. For a cinematographer, it's quite different. Colin Watkinson, the visionary behind the Emmy-winning show The Handmaid's Tale, tells us how he started off as a runner for a film special effects company. His passion for cameras and celluloid eventually led him to where he is now. In this episode, we cover Colin's journey from being a camera loader to learning about motion control. We also talk about film vs. digital.
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 50 : Finding Your Filmmaking Path with Lachlan Milne, ACS


      How to you get into the film industry? Do you have to cut your teeth on set and work all the time? How do you find what part of the industry you should pursue? Lachlan Milne, ASC, gives us his thoughts on this ever-changing question. He started in photography and loved using a camera. He then transitioned over to narrative cinematography by accepting and just pushing for particular projects, landing him work for Stranger Things and with Taika Waititi. In this episode, we cover Lachlan Milne's way into the film industry and finding what part of the industry he wants to pursue.    
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 49 : Technology VS Filmmaking with Rich Lee


    Let's compare a filmmaker today to the filmmaker of yesterday. Movies were created with an actual strips of film in motion, lit by bright and hot tungsten lights in studios. Today, the modern filmmaker has so many options to shoot their projects from RED digital cameras to industry standard Arri Alexas to even your own cell phone. And there's no better person to talk about how technology has affected his career path better than Rich Lee. From sculpting to working at Disney out of high school, to quitting Disney to learn CGI on his own and eventually directing music videos, Rich Lee is a visual master artist. But how do you get to his level of expertise? What kind of technology should one invest in most? It's big-brain time. In this episode, we reflect on Rich Lee's history in the entertainment industry and how technology has influenced his filmmaking career path and modern filmmaker. 
  • The Indy Mogul Podcast podcast

    Ep. 48 : The World of Visual Engineering with Steve Giralt


    Visual Engineer? Most people wouldn't be familiar with that job title. It takes a very unique person to bridge the gap between machinery and art, and that's what Steve Giralt represents. He is the founder of The Garage, a production company that specializes in product-based work. While we wouldn't think of it when watching commercials and online ads, Steve says that behind every good product shot is a story. How do you find the story of a product, and how do you use programming and robotics to get you there?  In this episode, we cover everything from Steve's journey out of the still photography world to dealing with brand names and big companies.

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