The Aliquot Preview podcast

The Aliquot Preview

Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.

This is the Aliquot Preview - a sneak peek into FoundMyFitness’s members-only podcast: The Aliquot. Learn more about The Aliquot at Every month we release one free preview episode here so you can sample one of the many FoundMyFitness Premium Membership benefits. So what is an aliquot? An aliquot is a sample taken from a larger whole, that captures the essence of the entirety. FoundMyFitness Aliquots are short, members-only podcasts focused on single topics, curated and remixed to surface our richest content on the most popular topics like diet and nutrition, health span and life extension, exercise, fasting, ketosis, sauna and cold exposure, sleep and depression. Some episodes are edited excerpts, highlights, and informative moments taken from full interviews in the FoundMyFitness podcast (with a little more context from Dr Rhonda Patrick!) Other episodes are mash-ups and highlights from our regular Q&As with members. Become a FoundMyFitness Premium member to get access to weekly Aliquots, biweekly Science Digest emails, and monthly Q&As with Rhonda. Learn more at

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