Resting Smile Face Podcast podcast

Resting Smile Face Podcast

Jodie Roberts

Conversations, life hacks, and meditations on how to have a smile on your face, every day. We have all seen those people who seem to have a smile stamped on them, even when they are not physically smiling. Those strangers you smile at in the street because they radiate something. Something contagious, something you want to be a part of. This podcast is about uncovering what that something is, the different ways we can access it, and how to grow it so that it becomes an integral part of us, daily. I speak with experts in a variety of fields and hear stories from people who have found their own path to a resting smile face. I also reflect on these conversations and then guide you in short meditations to get into the moment and back to our true selves, a version of you that is open, accepting, and peaceful. So that even at rest, you smile.

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