Hypnosis for Stress & Anxiety - Jason Newland podcast

Hypnosis for Stress & Anxiety - Jason Newland

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This Relaxing podcast is aimed at helping you to calm your mind and relax your body, as well as helping with Anxiety issues. It is also helpful for reducing your stress and changing the severity of panic / anxiety attacks. I have personally dealt with extreme Stress, Anxiety and panic attacks. In fact I have lost 3 jobs due to stress in the past, so I have a good knowledge base to be working from. In these podcast recordings, I talk about my own experiences & suggest ideas that may be useful for you. It is a mixed bag of ideas, hypnotic suggestions, relaxation techniques and a growing sense of recovery & relief over a period of regular listening.

IMPORTANT - Only listen when you can safely close your eyes, as it may cause drowsiness.

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