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Are we doing self improvement wrong? Steve March

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Are we going about self development in the wrong way? That's the question tackled by our new film and course with the long time coach Steve March.

Steve's work, Aletheia Coaching, has been welcomed and embraced by the likes of John Vervaeke and others in what's been described as the Liminal Web, as it consciously addresses what's called the Meaning Crisis or Meta Crisis.

This is released at the same time as a short course with Steve to learn the basics of the Unfolding method, which teaches a powerful new approach to development known as 'unfoldment'.

You'll learn: - How to attune to yourself, others, and the world in a way that promotes deeper connection and purpose.

- Practices to help you deeply participate in your present-moment experience

- Techniques and practices to help you create unfolding partnerships with others

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