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Enjoy insightful and inspiring lectures from Hay House Live!® live events featuring leading experts in the fields of alternative health, nutrition, intuitive medicine, psychology, spirituality, success and personal development. This podcast program will help you get motivated to live your best life possible and open your mind to some new ideas. Hay House, founded by Louise Hay, is an international leader in self-help and transformational publishing and offers books, audios, videos, online courses and live events worldwide. Visit www.hayhouse.com for additional resources in self-development.

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  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    You Can Heal Your Life® Podcast Trailer


    In today’s fast-paced, on-demand world—it can be hard to reserve time for reflection and growth...For asking those important questions about spirituality, health and wellness, self-empowerment, and all the other topics that affect how we experience our world. That’s why we created the “You Can Heal Your Life”podcast.Featuring world-renowned experts who are on the cutting-edge of new ideas and dynamic concepts—we’re working to give you an empowered perspective on your past, present, and future life. Elevate your morning coffee, afternoon walk, or evening commute into an inspirational, motivational, and transformational personal growth experience—with life-changing insights and real-world solutions.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Joe Dispenza - Making Your Mind Matter


    Rewire your brain by taking a journey in brain evolution using scientifically proven neurophysiological principles. Your reality is created by beliefs and perceptions that are based on thoughts and feelings. Every time you have a thought, you make a chemical and turn on a set of circuits in your brain that produces a level of mind for you to begin to feel exactly the way you were just thinking, and then think the way you feel, and feel the way you think; and this cycle creates a state of being. In this engaging lecture, you will learn about the epigenetic model of reality – signaling the gene ahead of the environment, choosing a future possibility, and bringing it to life in the present moment. The experience changes the circuitry in the brain and creates additional elevated emotions that cause us to come out of our resting states and produce new, long-term memories; and thus create a new future for ourselves.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

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  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Joan Borysenko - The PlantPlus Diet


    There is no one size fits all diet.  Bad science and media hype has made the connection between diet and health very confusing. Now there is personalized medicine. Your genetics, epigenetics, and 100 trillion gut microbes get taken into consideration. It’s PlantPlus, based on new science. Dr. Joan Borysenko simplifies everything.  She teaches you how to choose. This generation is the first that’s expected to live shorter, less vital lives than their parents. We can change that.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Anthony William - Health Secrets from the Medical Medium


    In this fascinating and engaging workshop, Anthony William Medical Medium® teaches new, never heard before, information and solutions to today’s most pressing health issues such as fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, hair loss, bloating, candida, heart palpitations, thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, weight issues, urinary tract infections, autoimmune disorders and more.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Mike Robbins - How Do We Deal With Ourselves


    Are you getting in your own way? Are you sabatoaging the life you really want to live? In this impassioned talk, author and life coach Mike Robbins talks about getting past your own fears and how to lovingly get out of your own way to let whatever wants to come through come through. He takes through the stepsto have more compassion, more acceptance, and more love for yourself-thus giving you access to more compassion, more acceptance, and more love for the people (and everything else) in your life.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Dr. Barbara De Angelis - Souls Shifts


    Do you struggle to have courage to make the changes you need to make? Maybe you need to release the past or have the energy to live fully. Or  maybe just to understand your life’s path. You need a profound accelerated transformation from the inside out and you are ready for Soul Shifts! Dr. Barbara De Angelis offers this radical re-visioning. She invites you to go from trying to manage yourself and control your life to learning how to make Soul Shifts— transforming you from the deepest level.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Meggan Wattersson - How to Love No Matter What


    Discover how love is a limitless source which we have access to whether we are alone, with someone, or wanting to offer it to everyone we encounter. No matter where you are on the spectrum of dating, from newly in love to going through the worst break-up of your life, bring your heart to this workshop and we will explore how to open it further.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Dr. Roger W. Teel - This Life is Joy - Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly and Happily


    Dr. Roger W. Teel is a life transforming speaker and a global spiritual leader. Through storytelling, humor and practical spirituality, Dr. Teel’s transforming messages, as well as in workshops, classes, business and national conferences, help empower people and lead them to their limitless potential to live dynamically. To learn more about this author or to find out more about Hay House live events, please visit www.hayhouse.com.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Sandra Anne Taylor - Cracking Your Karma Code: Revealing the Hidden Power of Your Past Lives


    According to Sandra Anne Taylor, the answers to your fears and dreams may lie in your past lives! Your present consciousness may be hiding what you need to know and your  past lives are still a powerful force in your present one! Join Sandra as she discusses the power of past lives and how you can use the information to live the best life possible.
  • Hay House Live!® Podcast podcast

    Tara Stiles - Make Your Own Rules: How to Achieve Your Most Radiant Self from the Inside Out


    Tara Stiles is the founder and owner of Strala Yoga, and is unpretentious, inclusive, and straightforward in her approach to yoga and meditation. Getting sensitized is the practice and the secret root to making your own rules. You get what you practice, so you might as well practice something that leads you directly to the greatness that exists right inside, waiting to be discovered.

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