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Was It Murder on Monhegan Island?

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
QUESTIONABLE, 1953: Sally Maynard Moran left for a walk to the far side of Monhegan Island on the evening of July 9, 1953. That side of the island is known for the tallest oceanside cliffs on the Maine coastline. It’s among those cliffs this story unfolds. Was it a truly tragic accident? Was it a choice? Or could it have possibly been murder? This is the story of Sally Maynard Moran. Sources are listed at darkdowneast.com. Try BetterHelp for 10% off Your First Month Try EveryPlate for just $1.99 per meal with code: downeast199 Get 10% off your Ana Luisa order

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    The Case of Sophie Sergie: Evidence & Questions


    26 years is a long time to wait for answers in an unsolved homicide, but in 2019 the family of 20-year old Sophie Sergie finally had a glimmer of hope that closure was possible. Familial DNA evidence led cold case investigators from Alaska all the way to Auburn, Maine and to the doorstep of the man now charged with the murder of Sophie Sergie.  The trial of Steven H. Downs began in January 2022 and continues as we speak. If you haven’t tuned into part I of Sophie Sergie’s story, please pause here and turn back one episode, because in this episode, you’ll hear about the evidence, the admitted mistakes, and the list of alternative suspects that the defense says will change your mind about who committed this violent crime.  At the end of it all, we all just want one thing – Justice for Sophie Sergie and peace for her family.  Sources are listed at darkdowneast.com.
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    The Case of Sophie Sergie: Arrest in Maine


    FAIRBANKS, ALASKA 1993: Sophie Sergie was a first generation college student from a small village in rural Alaska who set her eyes on building a better future for herself and her family. In April of 1993, someone cut that future short. This case played out on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks over 4000 miles from New England and nearly three decades in the past, but the long arm of justice knows no limits of distance or time. DNA evidence reached across the farthest corners of the United States to implicate the alleged killer of Sophie Sergie. He was working as a nurse in Auburn, Maine.  The 2019 arrest of Steven Downs seemed like the first sign of real closure for Sophie’s family, but as the trial proceedings play out in Alaska Superior Court right now in January of 2022, what seemed like a clear answer on the surface gets more difficult to pin down each day.  This is Part I of Sophie Sergie's story. Part II is out on Monday, January 24, 2022 on Dark Downeast.
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    Douglas J. Parent: The Most Important Man in Waldoboro


    WALDOBORO, MAINE 1983: Who killed well-known Waldoboro figure Douglas J. Parent? And why? His case has been on the Maine Unsolved Homicide list for decades, and one rumor about what happened the night of October 2, 1983 has circulated nearly as long. In this special episode of Dark Downeast, you’ll get to know Doug Parent through his own words and voice and we’ll dig into the whispered theory that even some inside the law enforcement community believe could hold pieces of the truth, if only they could prove it. View sources at darkdowneast.com. TAKE ACTION: If you have any information about the murder of Douglas J. Parent, please contact the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit at (207) 624-7143 or https://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/about/report-crime/major-crimes-unit-central (submit a tip here).
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    Sean Conway: 31 Years Unsolved


    CORNISH, MAINE 1991: Sean Conway's family has been waiting 31 years to learn what happened to their brother and son on January 16, 1991. This long-standing case is still considered an open and active homicide investigation, though it’s been years since any new developments have come to light.  Nim is on Dark Downeast to share her brother’s story in hopes that it will reach the person or persons who know exactly what happened at that motorcycle supply shop in Cornish, Maine one January afternoon.  This is Sean Conway's story on Dark Downeast. Episode sources are listed at darkdowneast.com. TAKE ACTION: If you have information about Sean Conway’s murder, contact the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit at 1-800-228-0857 or https://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/about/report-crime/major-crimes-unit-south (submit a tip here).
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    The Case of Jason Bass and Fugitive Adam Emery


    RHODE ISLAND, 1990: They were sitting in their car eating clam chowder when another vehicle smashed into their rear bumper and took off. Adam Emery pursued the apparent hit and run driver. The ensuing confrontation escalated to homicide -- Adam stabbed and killed 20-year old Jason Bass. Though Adam Emery was found guilty of murder and awaited sentencing, he and his wife Elena Emery had other plans. To this day, state police, the FBI, and even international law enforcement continue searching for Adam Emery. Meanwhile, the family of Jason Bass waits for an ending that brings the long-awaited closure they deserve. This episode was co-written by Dena Norman. Sources are available at darkdowneast.com.
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    Still Unsolved: Homicide at Colby College


    WATERVILLE, MAINE 1971: Katherine Murphy was a freshman at Colby College, continuing her family legacy at Maine's mini-Ivy liberal arts school, when someone stole her life. This is the still unsolved homicide of Katherine Murphy. This episode was co-written by Natalie Jones.
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    Patrolman Michael T. Connolly: Murder on Portland's East End


    PORTLAND, 1930: The early morning had been foggy and dark, and the high tide came in at 3:17 a.m. It was the perfect storm for a successful offloading of alcohol—if nobody noticed or got in the way. Had Officer Connolly found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or did he know something was going to happen on the waterfront that morning? Had he tried to stop it? Like the waters of Casco Bay, the mystery and the uncertainty surrounding the death of patrolman Michael T. Connolly in the early morning hours of August 15th, 1930, is just as deep and open ended today as when it was a fresh case over ninety years ago. This episode was co-written with Noah Bonnell.
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    We Need to Talk About Alexie Adams


    ORONO, MAINE 2018: A young woman in a college town was found dead in the snow. From the first minutes of the investigation, police assumed she must’ve had too much to drink, fell down, and didn’t get back up in the sub-zero temperatures. Her death was an accident. A terrible, tragic accident. But the family of Alexie Adams and the private investigator they’ve hired aren’t convinced they have the entire truth about what happened to Alexie that night. We’ll dig into the investigation of Alexie Adams’ death -- the evidence, the witness statements, the action and inaction of law enforcement, and the possible missteps leading to an outcome that has left the family with more questions than answers. PRODUCER NOTE: This episode was produced with the consent and participation of members of Alexie Adams’ family. Opinions expressed by interviewees do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dark Downeast, Kylie Low, or affiliated parties.
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    The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 2


    OGUNQUIT, 1990: When York Police Detectives found the body of John “Jack” Bevins on his bathroom floor surrounded by blood and shell casings, it was obvious they were dealing with a homicide. But what unfolded from that April afternoon was a complex criminal case and a defense never-before seen at trial in the State of Maine.  Are there exceptions to murder? That’s what the defense was prepared to argue for their client, the victim’s wife, Jacqueline Bevins. Source material is listed at darkdowneast.com.
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    The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 1


    OGUNQUIT, 1990: This case will challenge you. It will raise questions in your mind about consequence and justice, and what happens when an individual decides, or maybe, is forced to take those things into their own hands.  The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 1. View source material at darkdowneast.com.

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