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Maine and New England's True Crime Podcast digs into the murders and missing persons cases, survival stories and mysteries of Vacationland and beyond. This is heart-centered true crime, honoring the legacy of the humans at the heart of each case with thoughtful storytelling rooted in investigative journalism. With a balance of host-led stories, interviews, and documentary style production, Dark Downeast covers the decades-old and modern day cases that prickle the history of New England. You'll hear from the families, friends, investigators, and sources who know these cases best. Whether you’re a Mainer or from away, or a true crime fan searching for the next show to add to your line-up, I invite you to hit subscribe for new episodes each week. Connect at darkdowneast.com and on Instagram @darkdowneast.

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    The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 2


    OGUNQUIT, 1990: When York Police Detectives found the body of John “Jack” Bevins on his bathroom floor surrounded by blood and shell casings, it was obvious they were dealing with a homicide. But what unfolded from that April afternoon was a complex criminal case and a defense never-before seen at trial in the State of Maine.  Are there exceptions to murder? That’s what the defense was prepared to argue for their client, the victim’s wife, Jacqueline Bevins. Source material is listed at darkdowneast.com.
  • Dark Downeast podcast

    The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 1


    OGUNQUIT, 1990: This case will challenge you. It will raise questions in your mind about consequence and justice, and what happens when an individual decides, or maybe, is forced to take those things into their own hands.  The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 1. View source material at darkdowneast.com.
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  • Dark Downeast podcast

    Unsolved Homicide: Thomas Napier


    SACO, 1993: Thomas Napier did not have an easy life. His childhood years were plagued with pain and trauma, and then as a teenager his choices landed him in trouble with the law. But by the time he turned 22-years old, Thomas was on a better path. He had a job, a stable home life, and a new car he loved. Things were looking up. Sadly, the progress Thomas was making in his life would never reach its full potential. One weekend in October of 1993 changed everything, and his family still asks the same questions all these years later -- Who killed Thomas? This is the disappearance and death of Thomas Napier on Dark Downeast. 
  • Dark Downeast podcast

    The Death of William Costello


    MASSACHUSETTS, 1933: When Captain William Costello was found unresponsive on his bathroom floor, the responding doctor assumed he suffered a heart attack. No sooner was the last flower laid at his tomb did the rumors begin to swirl. It seemed no one believed the Fire Captain died of anything natural. All eyes were on his wife, Mrs. Jessie Costello, who seemed to love the attention. This is the story of William Costello and his wife, Jessie Costello. Episode sources are listed at darkdowneast.com.
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    The Ghost Town Beneath Flagstaff Lake


    On July 4, 1949, the villages of Flagstaff and Dead River came together, with current residents and past, for a celebration that they called Old Home Days. They knew a celebration like this would never happen again, because the little villages of Flagstaff and Dead River were about to die. Years of methodical planning and legislative action, of deconstruction and relocation and clear cutting, of door-knockings from lawyers, of man-made fires and packed trucks filled with personal possessions finally culminated in a flood that would drown the small towns, effectively erasing them from the map of Maine forever. This is The Day Dead River Died: The Ghost Town Beneath Flagstaff Lake. Episode sources are listed at darkdowneast.com. Follow along on Instagram @darkdowneast
  • Dark Downeast podcast

    Was It Murder on Monhegan Island?


    QUESTIONABLE, 1953: Sally Maynard Moran left for a walk to the far side of Monhegan Island on the evening of July 9, 1953. That side of the island is known for the tallest oceanside cliffs on the Maine coastline. It’s among those cliffs this story unfolds. Was it a truly tragic accident? Was it a choice? Or could it have possibly been murder? This is the story of Sally Maynard Moran. Sources are listed at darkdowneast.com. Try BetterHelp for 10% off Your First Month Try EveryPlate for just $1.99 per meal with code: downeast199 Get 10% off your Ana Luisa order
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    What Happened to Wanda Mitchell?


    UNDETERMINED, 1980: She was one day shy of her 15th birthday when Wanda Mitchell ran away from home. Less than a year later, her remains were recovered from the woods in Poland, Maine. To this day, her death is considered undetermined -- not a homicide, not an accident, not a single clear answer as to what happened to the teenage girl or who, if anyone, is responsible.  The search for answers has gone on for over 40 years. Wanda’s mother is keeping her story alive. This is the story of Wanda Jean Mitchell told by her mother Sheila Simoneaux.
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    The Undetermined Death of Marcia Moore


    FROM AWAY, 1979: It took over 10 years for remains found in the woods of Stacyville, Maine to finally be identified. Thanks to a true crime podcast, a listener who trusted her gut, and DNA testing, Mr. Christopher Roof had his identity back.  With a name and a face to a man previously known as the Stacyville John Doe, one Maine reporter was tasked with learning more about Christopher Roof. It started with a survey of property records in Concord, Massachusetts, but Alex MacDougall’s search took him far beyond New England to another undetermined death in the same family decades earlier and over 3000 miles away. We’re taking a look at the connection Alex MacDougall uncovered and the curious life of Christopher Roof’s mother, Marcia Moore. Source material is listed at darkdowneast.com. Follow along on Instagram @darkdowneast. Get 10% off your Ana Luisa order
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    IDENTIFIED: Stacyville John Doe


    MAINE JOHN DOE, 2010: For years, he was known only by the name stitched into the blue and white striped knit hat he was wearing. Chris, the Stacyville John Doe.  Now, nearly 11 years later, the man known only by his first name has his identity back, thanks to a woman who heard his description on a podcast and trusted her gut. This is the story of Christopher Roof, told with the help of Sydney Copp and Alex MacDougall, on Dark Downeast. Source material is available at darkdowneast.com. Follow along for photos and more cases on Instagram @darkdowneast.
  • Dark Downeast podcast

    His Name is Angel Torres, Part 2


    Imagine your son, imagine any person you love, just disappears. No viable leads, no physical evidence, nothing to direct your search beyond unreliable or uncooperative witnesses with ever changing stories. That ambiguous loss is like a cloud over the lives of Ramona and Narciso Torres. Until they have closure and can bring their son, Angel Antonio Torres, home, that cloud follows them around.  In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at the night Angel Torres disappeared without a trace and the investigation into what happened in Biddeford, Maine on May 21, 1999, and why some people may be withholding the information about where Angel Torres is now. This is the story of Angel Torres: Part 2, told by his parents Ramona and Narciso Torres and his younger brother, Jamel Torres. Find episode sources at darkdowneast.com. Follow along on Instagram @darkdowneast.

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